Months after Crave Entertainment filed for bankruptcy and add-on content for the Xbox 360 was put on hold, FarSight has selected a new publisher for the Xbox 360 version of The Pinball Arcade![PRBREAK][/PRBREAK] They are currently in the final stages of contracting and anticipate submitting a new version of The Pinball Arcade, which should include all finished tables, features, bug fixes and improvements, to Micorosoft in January. FarSight plans to keep the community updated and make an announcement when they have firm release dates.

FarSight has also been assured that all previous purchases can and will be entitled when they re-launch. The plan is for The Twilight Zone and Star Trek : The Next Generation (both free for Kickstarter backers) to be available for purchase on day one. FarSight will collaborate with their new publisher and Microsoft to decide at what increments to release the remaining Table Add-On Packs.

With any luck and everyone's support, there should be close to 40 tables available on the Xbox 360 by the end of 2013!