FarSight has been working on custom software with Arcooda, makers of video pinball cabinets. This is the cabinet mode many have been clamoring for, but it's no mere camera angle port. Unfortunately the announcement of the loss of the WMS license has put a huge kink in Arcooda's plans, mainly that the entirety of the TPA catalog wasn't finished in time as well as the fact there's the very shortened window this will be available until.

Visit https://www.arcoodapinballarcade.com/ for complete details and purchasing.

76 tables have been given the cabinet mode treatment, that includes backglass and DMD functionality. New lighting and graphical tweaks also are featured, as well as taking advantage of the ability to have solenoids and shakers function in a cabinet.

The good news is that Arcooda is no longer making this exclusive to their cabinet. You can buy the standalone, offline version of the software for play on any cabinet. If you buy the Arcooda Cabinet version, you also get touch screen functionality, digital tilt, and perhaps the coolest feature of all, 3D without glasses when used with a Kinect camera for head tracking.

The bad news is this is only available until June 30th, and it doesn't come cheap. If you already own the Steam version of the game, you'll only be paying for the Arcooda key. I believe this will be $149. You can also purchase the offline Pro Mode version that includes the entirety of TPA plus the Arcooda key for $499, for those that haven't purchased any of the game yet. Advantage here is it doesn't require a FarSight login. I'm not 100% on these prices as I can't verify what I heard, check with Arcooda first.

For more info and a look at what the games in action look like, watch these videos...