This had to be rescheduled - I will post an announcement, once I have a new date/time

FarSight will be launching the new content for a beta and they need everyone involved in the game playing head to head matches so they can watch the server live.

They'll also be taking any bug reports found while they're live so that they can try to get reproduction instructions for any bugs as they come up, which will make it much easier for them to fix them.

It is important that everybody who takes part is joining the group chat on "The Pinball Arcade" group. You can find the group here:

We can report bugs there or get instructions from the developers.
Watch out for user name ^1[^4wrd^1]Str1x, he's our contact.

Also he will tell in the chat if we have to sign in for a Beta, which would be:
game library->right click on Pinball Arcade->properties->BETA->...

In addition and just for fun you maybe wanna join Pinball Arcade - H2H,
our Pinball Players voice channel for on Discord for H2H ;-)

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