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FarSight Studios is proud to announce that add-on pack #2 which includes Cirqus Voltaire? by Bally? and Funhouse? by Williams? is now available for the Pinball Arcade! These two classic tables are available now for iOS and Android and will be released in the next few weeks for console devices.

Cirqus Voltaire features the first ever dot matrix display mounted in the playfield and a cannon- firing back box. Rising and disappearing below the playfield are a jet bumper and a wise-cracking Ringmaster who taunts the player throughout various modes. The player must light up the Cirqus, unmask Voltaire and then join the cirqus to achieve a multi-level wizard mode and the chance to earn a spectacular grand finale.

Rudy is the star of Funhouse! His animatronic head responds to game events. This includes taunting the player and following the ball with his eyes. The player's goal is to advance the clock to midnight so that Rudy falls asleep. While Rudy snores, shooting a ball into his open mouth starts 3-ball multi-ball and the potential for million -plus scoring. 10,750 units of this table were produced.

Mobile Update

Add-on pack #2 has been released on Android devices and iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches. An update to the Android app will be available soon that fixes several known compatibility and performance problems. Game Center support will be coming to iOS along with add-on pack #3 in June.

Console Update

Add-on pack #1: Medieval Madness? and Bride of PinBot? as well as add-on pack #2: Circus Voltaire and Funhouse are currently in submission and will be released in June in North America for PS3, PS Vita and Xbox 360. The European versions of PS3 and PS Vita are also in submission and will be released once they have been approved by Sony.


We?ve received many requests to bring the Twilight Zone pinball table to the Pinball Arcade. This table was released by Midway under the Bally label and is unquestionably one of the greatest pinball tables of all time (in fact it?s currently #1 in user rankings on the Internet Pinball Database!) It was designed by the legendary Pat Lawlor (who also designed Whirldwind, The Addams Family, Safecracker, and No Good Gofers). After the commercial and critical success of The Addams Family table, Midway gave Pat complete create freedom with the Twilight Zone, and what resulted was a showpiece of innovative pinball design. The Twilight Zone is considered by many pinball experts to be the most complex pinball machine ever created. It?s a masterpiece! We?ve finally succeeded in negotiating all of the licenses we?d need to digitize the Twilight Zone table and bring it to the Pinball Arcade. Unfortunately when we add up the costs of each required license and calculate what we?d have to charge for the table, we?ve realized that the Twilight Zone is just not commercially viable. So we?ve decided to try crowd-funding the cost of the licenses. We?ve set up a Kickstarter project for the Twilight Zone pinball table (just the licenses, not the development costs- we?ll cover all of those ourselves). If we can raise enough money through Kickstarter we?ll be able to digitize the Twilight Zone and preserve one of the greatest pinball tables of all time. If we don?t reach our goal no credit cards will be charged, but if we raise more than our goal we?ll be able to digitize other licensed tables as well (like Star Trek: The Next Generation!) We?ve put together a tempting list of rewards to say ?thank you? for helping out. Plus the top five contributors will get their initials featured as the default high scores for the table, immortalizing them as true pinball fanatics!

Check out our Kickstarter ste and video at:

Pinball Arcade is #2 in download sales for April 2012!!!

The Pinball Arcade was the first independent game that allowed players to buy the game once and play on both the PlayStation3 and PS Vita! Thanks to the support of everyone who bought our game for a Sony device we were #2 in PSN sales last month:

Pinball Arcade is now available for the Kindle Fire!

The Pinball Arcade is now available for Kindle Fire tablets and other Android devices through the Amazon Store! We appreciate the patience of our Fire users, and we think you?ll find it was worth the wait. The Pinball Arcade plays really well on the Kindle Fire!

Visit the Pinball Arcade Amazon store page here:

Thank you very much for supporting the Pinball Arcade!