November 30, 2012[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]


We are very excited to announce that this fantastic table is now available in the Pinball Arcade for iOS, Mac, and Android! This table will also be released on other supported platforms in the near future. We want to acknowledge the amazing support our Kickstarter backers have shown in funding the up-front licensing costs for this table. Thanks to you we?re able to offer this table for only $4.99 (instead of the $9.99 we had planned), despite having to pay a royalty on each sale that is several times higher than any table we?ve done before. As a small token of our appreciation, anyone who backed this table on Kickstarter at $10 or more will receive the table on the device of their choice PLUS the Pro version of the table PLUS a cool Twilight Zone? custom pinball that can be used in any table in the game. Thank you for supporting us! The Table of the Month is No Good Gofers?, which can be played for free this month only..

Twilight Zone? is based on the TV series of the same name and is arguably the most popular and complex pinball machine ever made. In fact the Pinball Arcade instructions we wrote for this table are over 700 pages long! Imagine having to figure all of that out on your own! After the commercial success of The Addams Family?, Pat Lawlor was given free rein to create this brilliantly designed table. When it was released, Twilight Zone had more features with patents pending than any other game in history. Among its notable features is a fully functional gumball machine, an analog clock that functions as a timer in various modes, industry first MagnaFlip? magnetic flippers and a unique ceramic pinball called the Powerball.

We are on Gametrailers!

You can now watch all of our videos on! Check out:

We?ve produced several new videos to celebrate the release of Twilight Zone!

Here is some video footage of gameplay from Twilight Zone!!

This video shows the steps we took developing this amazing table!

Playstation Update

On November 21 we released Table Pack 6: Elvira and the Party Monsters and No Good Gofers in Europe for PS3 and Vita!

Twilight Zone and Table Pack 7: Scared Stiff and Big Shot for both Europe and North America will be available soon.

XBox 360 Update

FarSight offers its apologies for the delays in releasing additional content for the Xbox 360 version of Pinball Arcade. We want to assure 360 players that these delays are temporary and we fully intend to continue supporting this console.

The next table we release for the 360 will be the Twilight Zone! The other table packs will follow. We will let everyone know when we have a release date.

Nintendo Wii-U Update

Pinball Arcade for the Wii-U is now in Beta testing! The Wii-U is going to be a great platform to get your pinball fix- the DMD shows on the GamePad screen, and the lower triggers on the GamePad feel just right for controlling the flippers!

iOS/OSX and PC Update

iOS and OSX/Mac - Twilight Zone? was just released.

PC - We are at #96 on Steam Greenlight! We need to get to the top 20 to be published! Tell your friends, family, dentist, pediatrist, grocer etc. to please vote for us at:

Announcing Pro versions of Twilight Zone and Scared Stiff!

The Pro version of Tales of the Arabian Nights is ON SALE for this weekend only at 50% off- just$1.99! Try it out!

This month we are pleased to announce new Pro versions of Twilight Zone? and Elvira?s Scared Stiff! Each Pro table gives you access to the table Operator?s Menu, the ability to move the ball around the table at will, tips on playing the table from IFPA pinball pros, as well as other cool stuff. You can access the Pro menu from within the Table Menu of each table. We?ve heard a rumor that it?s possible through the Operator?s Menu on Scared Stiff to turn off Family Mode and hear Elvira?s uncensored voice-over as you play the table (not that WE would ever do such a thing?)

Pro version support for other platforms will be released soon.


We are releasing a beta version of our new Tournament Mode to all of our players on iOS and Android this month. This Beta tournament features the four launch tables and is free this month. Based on your position in the rankings for each table, you will be awarded a point value between 1 and 100. The person with the most points when the tournament is over will be the winner. You will need to be logged into your Pinball Arcade account while playing. Good luck, everyone!

FarSight in the POWER 50!

We are excited that our own Bobby King and Jay Obernolte were named to Game Developer Magazine?s Power 50, a list of people in the videogame industry who have stood out in the last year for doing work that is new, different, or better!

Read about it here:

X-Play Announces Top 5 Pinball Sims and Best Of 2012!

We area very happy to be named on X-Play's Top 5 Pinball Simulations, not once but twice!

Catch the line-up here:

We also have heard a rumor that we may be nominated on X-Play's Best Of 2012 in several categories on December 5th! Tune in and see where we land!

Star Trek: The Next Generation is coming soon!!

Kickstarter Update video is coming this week!

Star Trek? is coming!!! STAR TREK IS COMING!!!!! Let us know your comments on our Facebook page:

Thank you very much for supporting the Pinball Arcade!