Zen Studios has announced today they entered a global agreement, which enables them to digital recreate and publish the full Williams and Bally pinball library. In addition to Steam, these tables will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 and MAC OSX. Check out the announcement video here:

The first table pack is available now as a public beta on Steam. To access it, please install Pinball FX3 first. Then go to your library, right-click on the game, go to "properties" and go to the "Beta" Tab. Select the Pinball Demo - no password required.

This will give you access to the following tables:

Screenshot 2022-09-06 at 20.31.13.png

Fish Tales
Williams (1992) - Design by Mark Ritchie
Production: 13,640 units


In this public beta you will be able to play Fish Tales without any limits.
The following three tables will have a time/score limit:

Junk Yard
Williams (1996) - Design by Barry Oursler and Dwight Sullivan
Production: 3,013 units


The Getaway: High Speed II
Williams (1992) - Design by Steve Ritchie
Production: 13,259 units


Medieval Madness
Williams (1997) - Design by Brian Eddy
Production: 4,016 units


What can you expect from Zen Williams Pinball?

Pinball FX3 - WilliamsPinball_JunkYard_digitalizing_600.jpg

Pinball FX3 - WilliamsPinball_JunkYard_digitalizing_600.jpgSimple answer: A new take on the Bally/Williams collection of pinball tables. The first thing you will notice when launching the tables are the crisp graphics, the phenomenal looking plastic ramps and the immersive lighting.

When you start your first ball, be prepared for a surprise: The ball is faster than you experienced in other Zen tables. Zen has completely redesigned the physics for these tables. This advances digital pinball simulation to the next level.

If you are familiar with the muliplayer features in Pinball FX3, you will be glad to hear those features will be available for the WMS-Tables as well.

The game will come with a second mode, the tournament mode, where the playfield pitch is higher, the tables' ROM are set to tournament with no extra balls, 2 tilt warnings and outline posts set to "hard".
Pinball FX3 - WilliamsPinball_FishTales_disassemble_closeup_600-1.jpg

Pinball FX3 - WilliamsPinball_JunkYard_graphics_facingcamera_600.jpg
Want to hear more? Why don't you go over to the Blahcade Podcast and listen to the latest episode, in which we (Chris, Jared and myself) share our impressions?

But wait, there's more!

Have you ever wanted to visit the team behind all this? Zen welcomes players to visit its studio headquarters in Budapest, Hungary, where players can take a studio tour and check out the rotating selection of pinball games in the office, as well as meet the team behind the games. At the conclusion of the tour, players will be presented with a ticket to the Budapest Pinball Museum, home to Europe?s largest collection of pinball machines.

(guess, who is already making plans for a trip to Budapest)


Now, if you are playing on PC, why are you still reading this? Fire up Steam now, install Pinball FX3, get to the beta (instructions above) and start playing. And don't forget to share your thoughts in the forums!