London UK
Devices Owned
iphone 6, iPad 5 (air)


[SUP]Current virtual TPA points: 26,837 (playername:yoshiposhisushi) .... 1000 points on BH, BOP, FH, MB, BK, CFTBL, EATPM, AFM, PB, W?D, GORGAR[/SUP]
Current real lineup in the house: SOP, MB, SP, BTDK, CFTBL, Avatar, Shrek

[SUB]Used to own: SP, GE, WCS, R&B, RG, CSI, BSD, SnS, TS, FNOES, SS, W?D, LW3, WWF, JM, ID4, JP, A13, RCT, MB, BTTF, Twister, STTNG, BTTF, Elvis, TFTC, SJ (enjoyed them all)
Wanted: Godzilla, LAH[/SUB]

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