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  • I got into Visual Pinball about 7 years ago. If you have a PC with a decent Vidcard they have some awesome reproductions of real-world tables. Best thing is VP is freeware, entirely maintained and authored by hobbiests. The guy who Farsight hired to do the ROM emulation for TPA worked on the Same for Visual Pinball/Pinmame . heres a link of a youtube video I posted of some VP recreations that have been created http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44WfGT0ElVk
    Hi Gail. Nice to meet you. Dunno where you got the idea I never played real Pinball. I stated playing pinball as a little kid in the early 60's (Old Gottlieb woodrails with the "light-em-up" scoring backglasses.) The old EM's are nostalgic to play once in a while but they cant compare to the gameplay of a late 80's or 90's or a modern Stern machine. But all of them are hard to find these days. Anyway I play Pinball Arcade on my IPAD. It runs very smooth and looks great. I would like to see a PC version if they could ever get it together. I like Black Hole the best on TPA (They just need to re-fix the rules like they were on the privious update cause they ain't right now) ;-) I have no idea about the status of the Xbox version though sorry. But there might be cross-patform multiplayer someday. You never can tell.
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