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  1. bmsuseluda

    Williams Pinball Volume 6

    and there were more bugs in the farsight releases in general. Zens quality assurance is much better.
  2. bmsuseluda

    Nintendo Switch Version!

    i experienced the performance drops when achievments pops up as well. is there a way to disable them? I couldnt find an option. Besides that i like tje update a lot. the new ui is so much easier to understand. the graphical fidelity was good enough for me and is even better now. In my opinion it...
  3. bmsuseluda

    Nintendo Switch Version!

    A big update is on the way: * New User Interface * Optimized performance * Improved graphic quality * 8 New Remake tables * 6 New Deluxe tables * New game mode Zombie Invasion *...
  4. bmsuseluda

    Primus Pinball -New from Stern!

    now i want this in tpa instead of whoa nelli. great music and artwork.
  5. bmsuseluda

    BlahCade #156: Williams Pinball Volume 2: Release Retrospective

    why shouldn't it be possible that 2 companies could get a licence?
  6. bmsuseluda

    Patch 1.29 NA and 1.30 EU

    on switch there is cross buy between spa and tpa and it works for me. on ps4 it should work the same way. if it doesnt work contact the support.
  7. bmsuseluda

    Favorite bash toys

    oh yeah, good one and a great table too. (twd)
  8. bmsuseluda

    Stern The Beatles Pinball

    i must say the table looks really well, but the song selection could be a lot better. Nevertheless i would love to play it in tpa.
  9. bmsuseluda

    Have Farsight stopped doing tournaments?

    I think a lot of people in this forum would lose one of their biggest hobby: Writing negative comments without arguments all the time -.-
  10. bmsuseluda

    Is this it for Farsight / Pinball Arcade?

    if you like the tables then just buy them. dont buy for what what could come in the future. why did you think that tpa wouldnt work anymore if farsight goes out of business? its not an multiplayer only game. if the servers go down, than leaderboards anf other online wont work anymore but the...
  11. bmsuseluda

    Medieval Madness on FX3

    The last few days im trying to shoot the catapult in MM (Tournament-mode) but i hit it really rarely from the right flipper. What are your best ways to do it in tournament mode? shutyertrap: im remembering parker lewis, great show :D
  12. bmsuseluda

    Favorite bash toys

    i watched the avengers and nascar pin on youtube and must say: nice bash toys. looks like a lot of fun when hulk throws the balls back:D in germany its really hard to find pinball tables in general. so im hoping to see some of these tables in tpa or pfx3.
  13. bmsuseluda

    Medieval Madness on FX3

    did you wrote the zen support about that? Maybe its a bug.
  14. bmsuseluda

    Favorite bash toys

    i never played circus voltaire and iron man but now im really currious. The iron monger and ringmaster look great and have great feedback.
  15. bmsuseluda

    Favorite bash toys

    I would count the Ufo as a bashtoy because the target is straight above the Ufo and the jiggling when you hit it is such a good feedback that it feels like you are destroying the Ufo.
  16. bmsuseluda

    Favorite bash toys

    Hello everyone, im a sucker for bash toys and wanna know what your favorites are. For me a good bash toys needs a good feedback to really shine. Because of this the holy grail for me is the castle from medieval madness with the several actions (drawbridge, the gate, destruction of the castle)...
  17. bmsuseluda

    Farsight must counterattack!

    woaw this would be great. I like the new stern tables a lot do keep em comin=D
  18. bmsuseluda

    Is this it for Farsight / Pinball Arcade?

    after reading so much negativity about tpa in general since im here in this forum i have to say that im really happy with the switch version. it runs well, looks and plays great. maybe im a little blindsided but i never stumbled upon a bug. with this post i just wanna give my positive experience.
  19. bmsuseluda

    BlahCade #152: Does Censoring Pinball Kill the Buzz?

    i don't know what it costs but i think a recheck from esrb is necessary. did someone know why they didn't do it in the first place? i mean altering a table costs money they could use to recheck.
  20. bmsuseluda

    FX3 Williams Pinball - Which table's enhanced graphic effects are your favorite?

    i like the enhancements but in my opinion they could go much wilder, i mean why not, the originals are there too with a press of a button.

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