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    When are we supposed to be getting Ghostbusters?

    This sucks. I know Farsight has dug themselves a big hole by supporting so many different platforms and by promising updates to two separate pinball programs, but do we think that at some point they should focus on the platforms that they sell the most games on for the sake of getting tables...
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    Crashes on Steam

    I don't time out anything. I'll reach a level 3 of any of the modes, and the game will crash.
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    Crashes on Steam

    I have played TPA and SPA extensively. Star Trek Premium crashes when I reach 3 in a row deep on modes...not every time, but it happens many times.
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    Stern Pinball Arcade first impressions

    Is anyone here a beta tester? I've got 500+ hours on TPA and they said they didn't need beta testers. Not sure why not... and then they release the game half finished. AC/DC plays well once you get it working. The physics are decent, the ball speed and shots feel OK. The LED replication...
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    Wanted: Lord of the Rings

    Hopefully someday they will work with Jersey Jack and release The Hobbit on the Jersey Jack Pinball Arcade.
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    Wanted: Lord of the Rings

    Can we do a kickstarter to get Lord of the Rings on Stern Pinball Arcade? I think that game is great and I would love to be able to play it at home.
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    New Stern Pinball Arcade: AC/DC Kickstarter is FULLY FUNDED!!!

    Do we get the pro and the premium and the LE or just the premium?
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    Stern Pinball Arcade

    What is the tentative release date for the release of the Stern Pinball Arcade? I saw the announcement a while back. I noticed that Rescue 911 is the next table for, but I am looking for deeper games to play, like a lot of the recent Stern's. I really want to play some of the newest...
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    Tourney 2015-12-14: CftBL, FH, HS, Pin*Bot, SST, Taxi, WWater, Xenon

    Anyone know when the next tournament is starting?
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    What's the table for next month going to be?

    Does anyone know which two games are coming next month?
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    TPA on 3DS release date?

    Hi, I just got a 3DS and can't find The Pinball Arcade on it. When is it coming out?
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    Table pack #40 speculation

    I hope we get some Sterns, particularly Stern DMD's. It would also be cool to get a few Data East titles.
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    Lack of Addams Family info/news!!!???

    I donated to the kickstarter but it still says I have to buy it. I'm on Steam. What's going on?
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    PC - Bug Balls phase through the separator into the manual plunger.

    I've had this as well as the camera sitting back during multiball making it unplayable.
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    Too fast?

    I've played this game quite a bit in real life, and I've never played one this fast. The flipper rubber on the ones in real life usually deadens the ball quite a bit...on TPA, the ball can fly all the way up the playfield off a dead flipper bounce. I just don't think they captured the physics or...
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    I Hate Drop Catching

    You can't drop catch in The Pinball Arcade
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    Staged flippers

    Good point Fungi. It has to feel natural, like the real thing.
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    Staged flippers

    Thank you. Hopefully this will be out SOON!
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    Staged flippers

    Has anyone figured out how to do staged flippers? This is a MUST HAVE for all upper-flipper games...without it, you can't utilize strategies to the fullest potential! Especially on games like Twilight Zone and Whirlwind! I'm using an Xbox 360 controller on my PC. There should be a way to...
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    A couple of issues

    There is no way you should be able to plunge the side ramp. It really breaks the game and takes the skill out of the game.

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