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  1. phreaker47

    PS4 - Please give us an update! Patch 1.18, Glo-Balls™, Season 6 DLC, and lighting

    Ah Paragon, greatest wide body ever. That will be a trip.
  2. phreaker47

    Bug PS4 (NA) Version 1.24 Master Bugs List (Updated Up To Banzai Run)

    That, my friend, is the most crushing bug of all and it exists on many tables. I had a 450+ Million game going on EATPM, was definitely in good shape to get to #1 ranking on this run, and then... ball lock, no new ball comes out, dead in the water. Yes, all you can do is quit. Similar long runs...
  3. phreaker47

    Bug PS4 Horrible Frame Rate issues, intermittent but frequent

    The thing about the TV mode is, if that was wrong you'd experience consistent lag, not intermittent periods. But definitely, PA is a game where any lag is immediately noticeable and a good, high response time game mode is needed on your set. Since I haven't noticed this lag though, I wonder if...
  4. phreaker47

    ANOTHER game ending bug. This is why I don't try anymore.

    Oh wow really? I'm almost certain that I'd run the status report all the way through on several other occasions, though. I looked at the moment and it appeared to be the beginning of the high scores report.
  5. phreaker47

    ANOTHER game ending bug. This is why I don't try anymore.

    Was anything ever found? I've hardly played the game since, I've had so many of these disappointments on several different tables (though in other cases it was the "disappearing ball" problem)
  6. phreaker47

    Request Flipper sensitivity/lag issues

    Definitely need a good game mode with low enough latency, as PA in particular makes latency that is usually imperceptible a lot more noticeable. The game runs well on my Sammy 7100 55" with game mode on, but if I ever forget it's in another mode and attempt to play, the input lag is immediately...
  7. phreaker47

    Tips and tricks

    Redline Manias are the way to go. I do left orbits over and over. Was up to nearly 19B with 4 EBs and the PS4 version glitched on me and ended the game. But yes that's a pretty repeatable pattern that racks up EBs along the way. That's how this table is done. There is no bigger payoff potential...
  8. phreaker47

    Stereoscopic 3D on PS4

    If that camera can pan and everything can scale to your tracked head movements, I believe that effect will be achieved. Remember this old demo somebody made with the original Wii? I think it's the same principle.
  9. phreaker47

    ANOTHER game ending bug. This is why I don't try anymore.

    Thanks for the response.... North American version 1.10
  10. phreaker47

    Request Suggestions for improvements - PS4 version

    I wish that what seem to be exclusively Playstation platform game ending bugs (balls lost in limbo forever, sudden "enter your initials" game over screen when the game isn't over) could be addressed, but I guess nobody can reproduce them often enough to figure out what they are. I posted my...
  11. phreaker47

    ANOTHER game ending bug. This is why I don't try anymore.

    ANOTHER game ending bug. This is why I don't try anymore. (with video) TGHS2 Robbed again. I'm at nearly 19 billion, about to catch a bunch of scores and reach into the top 10. I still have 4 extra balls. I'm waiting for the supercharger...
  12. phreaker47

    Stereoscopic 3D on PS4

    Morpheus would be incredible... I think the effect that would have might be underestimated by some. The ability to just look around at the table (even leaning forward a bit and seeing more of the upper playfield, closer Backglass, etc) with NO automatic cameras whatsoever (you can look down...
  13. phreaker47

    Stereoscopic 3D on PS4

    I was going to say they probably were sloppy and copied all the descriptions from the PS3 version, but it is mentioning 3d support while also mentioning specific DS4 features.
  14. phreaker47

    (An attempt at) The top 40 TPA players from leaderboard scores

    Cool. It seems that the most exploits are done on mobile. People somehow getting a score on one table but being able to apply that score to a different table's leaderboard. Possibly rooted phones, who knows.
  15. phreaker47

    Flipper physics 3.0

    The good news: I agree the new flipper physics are one step closer to real and I've been live catching all over in Xenon. The bad news: Had two game ending limbo glitches on this table already. The latest I had 8.5M on ball one, both balls in multiball drained STDM at the same time, and I guess...
  16. phreaker47


    Oh hey Mark, did anyone ever confirm on PS4 if a suspended game in rest mode could be resumed later and still be registered on the leaderboard? I've been too lazy to test that myself, though I could easily.
  17. phreaker47


    So far I've managed 12M+ but I'll do better. Most or all of this has been said already... #1 priority is get the extra ball on every ball, then work on MB/tube shots while you have that in the bank. And do this by hitting the left spinner to hit the rollover buttons that score drop targets...
  18. phreaker47

    The latest PS4 patch is up - welcome to the rumble

    Yeah I got them a couple days after my last post. I already had them since I had the season pass.. they said "purchased" but I could not download them at the time. I booted up a couple days later and they were there. Addicted to Xenon now but have barely cracked the top 50 so far.
  19. phreaker47

    The latest PS4 patch is up - welcome to the rumble

    Ah okay, came here to see why I could see the 3 new tables but not download them. USA digital version.
  20. phreaker47

    is it time for our yearly update yet, ... or is it bi-yearly now ?

    How I have longed to "try tube shot"

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