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    Cross-buy between SPA and TPA is up!

    Yep the Stern Packs are now cross-buy between TPA and SPA! BONUS! : If you buy table pack 1 in Stern, you will be able to purchase Stern Table Pack 1 in TPA for free and get Flight 2000! (not available in SPA)
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    TPA EU release delayed again?

    It should be available now. The Nintendo eShop servers can take a few hours to properly propagate all the countries stores.
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    Official Announcement.

    I am currently working with the eShop team at Nintendo on providing a cross-buy solution for the table packs between SPA and TPA on Switch. We should have a solution for this in place with the next patch.
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    Not initially, this is something we are actively working on with Nintendo at the moment. When we have it resolved, it will require patching both Stern and TPA to support cross buy.
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    Initial Thoughts on PBA for Switch

    It will be before June 30th, that much I can confirm.
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    Initial Thoughts on PBA for Switch

    Switch Version. I have already updated Stern Pinball Arcade 3 times now I think (last one was portrait/TATE mode) and I even updated TPA DLC and main ROM (for those lucky few who managed to get the "original" version on 4/6/2018), so rest assured I will continue to support Stern and TPA going...
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    Nintendo Switch version

    Update on Nintendo Switch Physical versions (Europe and Americas) 1.3 is now live which brings the physical versions up to parity with the Digital version. In the future we will make sure updates are released simultaneously or as close together as possible. 1.3 gives Portrait mode and online...
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    Initial Thoughts on PBA for Switch

    Just a quick update for those in the U.S. with the Physical version of Stern Pinball Arcade for Switch. The 1.3 patch (which will bring it up to date with the digital version) has been approved by Nintendo and should be pushed to users in a couple of days. Europe should already have v1.3 for the...
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    Initial Thoughts on PBA for Switch

    The DLC also got updated (not available in eShop yet, but anyone who already bought table packs can update, and will see that all of the LCD backglasses have their LCD displays fixed :cool:) To update any DLC you have purchased, hit + on TPA on the home screen and then "Software Update" (all 7...

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