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  1. MIK

    Xbox One Bug List

    I'm new to TPA X1, like 2 weeks and we have since had an unpdate which didn't fix Gorgar's odd loading issue... Sorry if this has already been listed! If you make Gorgar the very 1st table you will play after loading the TPA app the room and table graphics do not display. The only way to fix...
  2. MIK

    Poor Little Xboxy-woxy!

    When I looked last night the XBOX1 version of TPA has surpassed the PS4 for overall lighting quality, so the tide has changed. Many more tables with better and updated lighting on XB1. For example, the Pinball machine Cyclone doesn't even look like it's switched on with default lighting on PS4...
  3. MIK

    PS4 uk disc does not allow purchase of tables

    Well remembered skysier. If this is so and is the case as I did all my buying fron the Download version... Yeah, S1 & S2 download directly into the app if I remember correct, but everything else after this has to be bought and downloaded from the Playstation Store directly. BTW. Some item's...
  4. MIK

    Missing some Season 1&2 Pro menus?

    I double checked and everything is as it should be. The whole lot is being taken down in two days time but just to round up the misunderstanding... The way they were being sold was a bit misleading. An item might be called "Tee'd Off & Haunted House Pro Upgrade", then you have the icon...
  5. MIK

    Patch 1.26 NA and 1.27 EU

    Anyone wondering, TOTAN = Tales of the Arabian Nights Tom Devaney has said he would 'like' to add cross buy from SPA to TPA, meaning it's not happening as of yet. Since I've bought Ghost Busters for both SPA & TPA I think it's a bit late to be adding cross buy to PS4. And regardless to which...
  6. MIK

    Missing some Season 1&2 Pro menus?

    Cool. I'll double check the text once again on the UK side but I'll take your word for it as that's 3 of us that don't have said tables with Pro menu's. Thanks.
  7. MIK

    PS4 uk disc does not allow purchase of tables

    Yeah sorry guys. I was just hardcore at the time and wanted it all regardless. Hope you get something sorted or do the right thing so your happy and don't have regrets. 3 days left to grab Williams & Bally tables and S1/S2 feature a good few of them. Regards,
  8. MIK

    Missing some Season 1&2 Pro menus?

    Yeah I used to think the same... Hopefully you can see but here are a couple of examples, Tee'd Off Pro which 'I do have' comes with Haunted House Pro which 'I lack'. Like wise Cue Ball Wizard Pro shows it comes with Eldorado City of Gold. Maybe I'm reading it wrong?? UK PSN
  9. MIK

    Missing some Season 1&2 Pro menus?

    Sorry if this is cutting it fine, and long winded... I was browsing the store at the weekend just to make sure I have everything before the Williams & Bally purge happens and noticed some tables from S1 & S2 have PRO menu's that I'm missing. From memory and as an example, there is a Going Nuts...
  10. MIK

    PS4 uk disc does not allow purchase of tables

    No, obviously with S1 disc you lack S2 disc and with S2 disc you lack S1 disc... What you do to get around this is buy S1 & S2 for the download version and then both disc versions have the missing seasons, but yeah that's extra money... If your going all the way grabbing everything days before...
  11. MIK

    PS4 uk disc does not allow purchase of tables

    Just to add verification as I also have S1 & S2 on disc... Grab TPA download version, (It's FREE) and do all your buying from that. Anything you buy for the download version will also work with the disc versions. The disc versions have a different revision number than the main download app but...
  12. MIK

    Bug Bugs in Black Hole & Funhouse

    Some strange glitches can happen from time to time on all tables at random and there is nothing you can do when it happens, one of those things sadly... Best thing to do if it really is a bad one is exit the whole game and restart the app and you should be good. One thing that might be worth...
  13. MIK

    Bug Score display on the actual machine is faulty.

    This may only apply to PS4? The tables built-in score displays do not show the scoring correctly.
  14. MIK

    Do PS4 & PS3 share the same online leader boards?

    Just out of interest really as I came from XBOX360 and then grabbed a PS4. I was wondering if the PS3 shares the same online leader boards as PC, PS4 & Mobile devices? Cheers.
  15. MIK

    Table and Ball Lighting issues... PS4 & XBOX1

    Fingers crossed we see some improvements to these areas soon as that month off they had was a while back. ;)
  16. MIK

    Season 6 bundle is on promotion on EU store

    Maybe it's something that Sony them self are doing..., like they "may" of removed their fee from the overall retail price and was just chosen at random during this period as an offer?
  17. MIK

    SPA shares leader boards with TPA, plus better ball lighting...

    Just a heads up that the Stern tables in The Pinball Arcade that also feature in Stern Pinball Arcade, (*released in Europe Today*) share the same online leader boards. On the plus side... SPA PS4 at the time of posting has better ball lighting than TPA PS4. That means you get to preview what...
  18. MIK

    Stern Pinball for PS4 european release date

    Without starting the game as I'm in the middle of downloading it, it has flagged all TPA tables as FREE on the PSN Store! Grabbing SPA now of course, but all that's left to do is for me to grab the key files for those TPA tables, (under Add-On's on PSN Store) and buy AC/DC, Star Trek & Mustang...
  19. MIK

    No love for the Playstation

    There are major lighting issues with TPA on PS4 & XB1 including problems with balls being sat in the dark. Check out that strobe light on Cirqus Voltaire for example, enjoy! How cool does the score look in the lower play field of Black Hole? How well do the bumpers light up in Gorgar compared to...

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