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  1. Gorgar

    Sale speculation thread

    Buying the Williams tables since I know I will play them a lot and they’ve got the uncensored version. For the others, I will wait for a better sale (I’ll wait years if I have to!) But then again, I might get Marvel pack for Iron Man and Thor. This is how they get you with their sales!
  2. Gorgar

    Stern Insider

    I haven’t gotten a chance to try it out yet, but Stern has recently implemented something called Stern Insider on their recent machines. What this does is give you the ability to scan a QR code and it will keep track of your scores so that you can compete against other people across the world...
  3. Gorgar

    My Hot Take on the new monetization (It's gotten Worse)

    Yes, they announced it is cross platform for PS4 and PS5. Also, if you go to the PSN store online, it is the same purchase item.
  4. Gorgar

    Pinball FX released

    I believe the “who the f*ck are you?” quote is bleeped on the original machine. But a hack exists where it is not bleeped. So they are uncensored.
  5. Gorgar

    Sale speculation thread

    I remember reading somewhere that the legacy table sale will be 30% off
  6. Gorgar

    Still no exact release date for consoles?

    When I looked the new Pinball FX up on the PSN store, it said it is coming on the 15th at 7pm. Cool that it is coming early, but I have a feeling the DLC won’t be up until the 16th
  7. Gorgar

    Still no exact release date for consoles?

    The exclusive clock started tickling when Pinball FX early access was made available on Epix. The implication on the latest Blahcade Podcast is that it will be coming to Steam shortly. I’m guessing Zen doesn’t want to announce this until the Epix exclusive period is officially over.
  8. Gorgar

    Still no exact release date for consoles?

    @Pinballwiz45b Do you have a link to said trailer? I just looked up the trailer and the only one I could find is the one from about a month ago and I didn’t see Spider-Man or Garfield. Or is it a blink and you miss it kind of thing?
  9. Gorgar


    It is likely just the Playboy table that was included in one of Farsight’s Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection for PS2/Wii/etc. It is a flipperless pinball table from the 1930s and Farsight likely didn’t port it into The Pinball Arcade because they didn’t think it would sell well. I...
  10. Gorgar

    Forum closure

    That’s fantastic! I am so glad to hear the forum is saved!
  11. Gorgar

    Forum closure

    For at least a decade before joining these forums, I would get really interested in something, find a forum, but never join (I was always a lurker). Pinball Arcade Fans is the first forum that I ever joined and the only one that I have contributed anywhere near the 1,000+ posts that I have...
  12. Gorgar

    Multiple FX Pinball announcements today, plus first looks!

    So Zen posted on their social media a hint that is a DMD that says “Billionaire’s Club,” which means next release is Bride of Pinbot. But I thought one of these last two releases was supposed to be “brand new.” Both Bride of Pinbot and Swords of Fury were released by Farsight, so this is quite...
  13. Gorgar

    Multiple FX Pinball announcements today, plus first looks!

    Swords of Fury? *yawn* �� Wait what? Godzilla?
  14. Gorgar

    Guess the next Williams Table

    If the new pinball fx is now rated T, the old new table will probably be either Jackbot or Who Dunnit
  15. Gorgar

    Is the Williams license in better hands now? Would a wide variety of tables by TPA be

    They posted keywords about their announcement: Pinball FX, Pinball FX3, Williams Pinball It seems that we may get one last table (prob Indiana Jones) on pfx3!
  16. Gorgar

    Williams' Collection Volume 7 guesses

    Lol I guess I was just desperate for news and starting the rumor train. But this time they have a real announcement! And announcement of an announcement. They will tell us what they are working on regarding Williams Pinball next week when they do that weird pinball show.
  17. Gorgar

    Williams' Collection Volume 7 guesses

    Zen just posted on Facebook a picture of a stripped playfield asking if anyone recognizes which table it is. It is Fire. So I guess that will be in pack 7 whenever they announce it.
  18. Gorgar

    Stern Godzilla Teaser

    Just saw a teaser on the official Godzilla Instagram page. “The King arrives. Conquering soon ... #Sternpinball” I’ll be really excited if it’s based on the classic Japanese films and not the current Legendary reboot.
  19. Gorgar

    PS4 version?

    I am not an expert on the subject, but on their Facebook page under the initial release date announcement, they said that not releasing in Europe had to deal with “Paperwork, permission, and submission fees”

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