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    Android - Bug Only left flipper(s) after recent update

    Another update, problem solved. The right flipper and plunjer now work at the same time on my device, which is a different than the previous versions, but a relief for rare occasions when a new ball is fed while another is stil in play.
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    Android - Bug Only left flipper(s) after recent update

    Yesterday amazon updated this app for me, as happens regularly, this time rendering it unplayable for the first time in years. The plunger launches fine, but the right flipper and nudge-through-touch don't respond at all on any table, regardless of touch scheme. The version now says...
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    3 bugs found so far

    I only own 6 tables but I definitely agree that "Machine loses track of balls" applies here and only here, though I couldn't say exactly when. I wouldn't mind if Call Attendant fixed it, but this jerk just blurbs that no ball is stuck and cancels the request, leaving you yelling that there is no...
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    Stuck connecting...

    The first time I actually got it running again without clearing data (let it simmer in its "connecting" state for half an hour, then at last rebooted the device) but that only seemed to work once. Tricks that don't help: start while not connected to the internet (it just crashes); shut down wifi...
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    Performance issues on Xperia Z2 tablet

    There's hope for us all On my Xperia tablet Z, all was fine until the first Android 5 upgrade, after which happened what the first post described. Not unplayable but an undeniable setback. The later upgrade to Android 5.1 didn't change that. Over the weekend, I backed up, unlocked and wiped...

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