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    There is a secret mania feature in this game. when the elevator is passing floor 3 (because you already exited that floor once), flip three times quickly with both flippers and the elevator pointer will move back and stop on floor three. if you then hit the middle of the ramp, it starts a 20...
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    5X Jackpot build strategy (POTO)

    finally got this darn goal. :) What does kill jackpot build entering or leaving any multiball mode catwalk ramp trapdoor. lighting jackpot What doesn't kill it magic mirror locking one of two in 2 ball play. kickback (though relighting it with the trapdoor will kill it of course) i finally...
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    Found some interesting variations

    btw on the real table that 8 ball drop target will nearly always drain right down the middle unless shot from the upper flipper. never seems to happen on TPA for me. :)
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    Judge Dredd Tactics & Strategies

    There are three major rom bugs in the game. 1) ball saver stacking bug. If you get a second ball saver while one is already running, they stack (the ball saver active flag is incremented to 2 instead of set to 1), and then when the ball saver timer expires, the ball saver on flag is decremented...
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    TOTAN Tactics and Strategies

    Yes, the lamp has an intentional limit. It's seven wishes, which is what makes it obvious that it's intentional. This is to keep you from wishing your way to endless genie battles. You will be able to start maybe two with wise wishing, and then you will have to complete the tales honestly. :)...
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    So, FX is very much a mixed bag, but they do get some stuff right.

    whirlwind isn't bad either, and i finally managed to explain to the devs what's broken with Addams Family. were it not for that stupid glitch lightning lock for free, i would be a lot happier with the table.
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    So, FX is very much a mixed bag, but they do get some stuff right.

    Twilight Zone, for example is glorious, now that the bugs causing it to hang have been fixed. This one is definitely scary and one you never feel you really have a handle on. The rocket to bumpers to outlane drain happens, but not enough that you won't be tempted to try and grab those 10...
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    There is a bug that can cause the 3 bank to stay down for the rest of entire ball. it's easiest to trigger by entering floor 8 just as elevator madness ends. having done this you can just blast though the elevator and collect lots of multiball jackpots. There's a video showing how to do the bug...
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    Pinball FX released

    I bought it too. had the same issue with purchasing, but it got fixed. the table is reasonably brutal, lke Funhouse until you get a feel for it and find some sweet spots. It's much more lively than TPA was, but still a bit easy. Power isn't right, but better than tpa was. there's a silly...
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    First impressions WCS

    The tv scoop being frigging damn near impossible to hit from a trap on the left flipper is 100% realistic, as anyone who's struggled to start final draw on the real table can tell you. The angle is stupidly difficult, and you are expected to do it with a moving ball. it's as bad as the vault on...
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    EATPM Tactics and Strategies

    This table has received a tuning pass. it is more difficult now. 1) it's much harder to short plunge and trap now you actually have to do a live catch instead of just hold up. 2) barely failed ramp shots are much harder to handle now. especially the monster slide, the backhand to transfer and...
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    TZ Post Tuning Difficulty

    I came back to the table again. just to see if i could retry some of my old tips. and i was once again able to make gum-ball combos, but not as easily. i was able to backhand both ramps from traps again, but not quite as easily as before. but it's still FAST. controlled multiball play is HARD...
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    CFTBL: Tactics and Strategies

    Oh my word! Now it's no fun at all. it's actually harder then pinball fx now! and getting omg stupidly wide angel shots at times. shots from middle of left flipper or even earlier going into KISS sometimes?!?!
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    Experiences with free tables so far on Pinball FX early access.

    Dr. Dude.: Still evil, still won't show skillshot display when panned to the plunger so you can't time your shot.
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    Experiences with free tables so far on Pinball FX early access.

    got back to funhouse, and cracked 100 million. in theory it's infinitable. in practice all it takes is ONE mistake and the table can and will kick you to the curb FAST. Drains off rudy are rare but DO happen enough to mess with you. Drains after trying to backhand the ramp are rare, buu CAN...
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    TZ Post Tuning Difficulty

    Yeah ramps are stupidly difficult now. Not a fun way to make the table harder.
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    Tips & strategies

    Like Whirlwind, this table has a six extra ball limit. Once you get number six, you cannot ever get any more. not six stacked, six ever. with this in mind, don't worry too much about the extra balls from jackpots, because a good game will collect one from score, one from 3 quick multiballs, one...
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    Experiences with free tables so far on Pinball FX early access.

    Black rose. center shot over and over for the win. you can ALWAYS hold trap it out of that return, and always shoot it back in. really grindable.
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    Zen has listened to me on the issue of random rebounds.

    I noticed a funny thing. sometimes i rewind to save an outlane drain, and then it goes down the inlane without me needing to do anything. This proves that a rebound involved in the drain was randomized. I've been saying all along that this is the right way to cheat on digital pinball physics...
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    Experiences with free tables so far on Pinball FX early access.

    Theater Of Magic revisited. The insta-catch has been FIXED, and the center ramp is harder (but still not impossible) to loop. still dead simple from a trap, but that's fine. the plunger cam shows the DMD. Most of what else i said still holds. Still made grand finale. can reliably get the 100M...

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