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    The Pinball Show

    I hear ya, players like you who make up our core audience think alike in my mind. These announcements will come, and we will reveal concrete information, tables, features etc in the future. We are trying to carry the pinball flag to a new audience this time with FX New & Royale, which also...
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    Pinball FX (4)

    Hi everyone! Don't mean to intrude but thanks for the topic! All info will come as we get closer to the finished game! I think we have enough stuff for at least 5 episodes - just kidding! But yeah, we are looking to have this is a conversational information machine for the future. Pinball...
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    Master List of Issues -- Williams Pinball

    Thanks everyone, getting these to the QA guys.
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    Master List of Issues -- Williams Pinball

    Hey Doktor_Zito - thanks for spreading the word about this issue. Good thing, since I was able to see it! I talked with our graphics lead and he'd love some more info on this. We spent some time on a similar issue in the mobile version and we did not expect for this to come up on PC. If you...
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    Master List of Issues -- Williams Pinball

    Hi guys, I just talked with Miklos from QA and he says these upkicker problems are being addressed along with the Practice mode problems - thanks for letting us know. We are cataloging the rest as well.
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    First Licensed FX3 Williams Speculation

    We have like a more serious version of it called 'All Saints' day where you go out to the cemetery and remember loved ones. There are a bunch of Halloween parties and events popping up in the last 10 years though.
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    Bug Whitewater Audio Issues

    Thanks guys, we'll see what we can do.
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    Williams Volume 3 *OFFICIAL* Game play thread

    Hi everyone, thanks for this thread. Thanks shutyertrap for spending so much time with the tables - glad you like the animations and got hands on with the physics. Pinballwiz, vikingerik, shutyertrap, zmcvay - Dan Unda/er is worth a question to the devs why he's not that commonly seen -...
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    Mode landscape in iOS version

    Hm, interesting method you're proposing. Putting up the request board for investigation.
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    Mode landscape in iOS version

    Thank you for the suggestion guys, we'll consider this.
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    Master List of Issues -- Williams Pinball

    Thanks guys, Party Zone duplicate screws are of particular interest to me. No bug is okay, but this one is what I like to call a fun bug. :cool:
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    Master List of Issues -- Williams Pinball

    Thanks for submitting this Wiz, great list.
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    Camera 8

    Nice! I like this as well
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    What happens with Zen's designers?

    Hi guys, McLovin here from Zen. (I registered here with a different account when we did the Alpha for the mods! - they can confirm) We are going to keep producing our own games as well besides the new Williams one. Also these simulation require design work as well, getting the rulesets right...

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