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  1. k88dad

    The Music Video Thread

    I was 11 when this was recorded. Hard to believe that this was pretty much the origin of Glam Rock.
  2. k88dad

    The Random Thought Thread

    Covid-19 vs. the 2009 virus: 1. We didn't know how may died in the US a decade ago until several years later. Misdiagnosis made the death toll initially much lower. It wound up being around 12,000 deaths, but the total number took about 4 years to come up with. 2. There is no way to know how...
  3. k88dad

    Mac - Bug Good News and Bad News...

    Farsight appears to have an expired website security certificate. I had to ignore this with my system password twice to access the program and once again to access the control settings. Definitely avoid touching the arrow keys while in the control settings, or you won't get far. Use the mouse to...
  4. k88dad

    Norm Left Farsight & No Table Hint

    Hey. Hey. I'm in the room.
  5. k88dad

    no news is no news

    Being able to actually nudge on a keyboard. That would be useful. As it stands, I can't change the controls and there aren't even default nudge keys assigned. It is worse than before the brief period when you could assign keyboard controls.
  6. k88dad

    Mac - Bug Long-running various bugs since move to new Mac...and now unplayable

    It worked. If by working you mean with graphics far inferior to the Windows version. Many people run more than one OS. In fact, your Mac had more than one when it shipped.
  7. k88dad

    Mac - Bug Long-running various bugs since move to new Mac...and now unplayable

    The Mac versions are identical and both have been broken for a long time. I always recommend buying the Steam version. That gives you the option to play in a Windows partition on your Mac.
  8. k88dad

    Table Pack #69 Speculation

    Newsletter is out. It is Alvin G Pistol Poker.
  9. k88dad

    7.4.3 no keyboard control

    I have no nudge at all. I can't change keyboard controls at all. The nudge has been set to the W,A,S,D keys for months. That said, even those ridiculously-paced keys do not perform their function. I basically have left & right flipper on the shift keys, and space bar for the plunger. This is...
  10. k88dad

    7.4.3 no keyboard control

    The lack of Mac support is staggering. I play on other platforms, but I still won't pay full price for seasons. Not when the Mac support is so stunningly poor. I can't nudge on a keyboard because of this nonsense. For months...
  11. k88dad

    7.4.0 - First impressions

    The keyboard/mouse control options do not work in this latest version. All functions have reverted to the defaults. I can open them and select a function to change. I can't actually make a change.
  12. k88dad

    The Random Thought Thread

    I'd say that it is time to end the experiment known as the electoral college. It clearly does not work. It leads to our president being an "experiment" instead of a qualified, mentally stable leader.
  13. k88dad

    A letter I sent to farsight. How do you feel about EM's

    There are some classics at that link. I'm quite partial to Aztec. Lots of play value in that one.
  14. k88dad

    Mac - Request TPA variations?

    TPA is a low-resolution port from iOS to Mac. Maybe Stern is not too keen on a repeat of that for SPA.
  15. k88dad

    The Random Thought Thread

    Saw Lou Reed in the front row of the State Theatre (now the Fillmore) in Detroit in June, 2000. The encore was about 5 songs, ending with Sweet Jane, Vicious and Dirty Blvd. I saw Cheap Trick so long ago that I have no idea where or (exactly) when. I was once mistaken for Rick Nielsen (lead...
  16. k88dad

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    The Mac version is up-to-date on both the Steam and App Store versions. It is almost unheard of for both to be available when a new game releases (Wipe Out, in this case.) As always, I recommend the Steam version, which lets you play on Mac or PC. You always want the option to play on a PC...
  17. k88dad

    Fantasy Poll: Buy A Pinball Table!

    I'd go strictly from the appeal of the licensed theme, since money is no object. I was going to go with The Big Lebowski, and then I realized how perfectly suited the campy '60s TV Show Batman is to pinball. Batman 66 it is. Point for Stern.
  18. k88dad

    Comment by 'k88dad' in article 'Paragon has been released - Start of Season 7'

    Supposedly, they're finally going to give the Mac some attention, instead of porting pretty much straight from iOS. I doubt that means any improvements to graphic quality, but keyboard mapping and the latest interface would be a start. That is the given explanation for no recent Mac updates...
  19. k88dad

    Paragon - first impressions

    Which part of "Hint: When your ball falls back, just hold up the upper flipper" is confusing to you? :p
  20. k88dad

    Paragon - first impressions

    Good find!

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