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  1. kinggo

    Not Zen at all

    All that Zen did for me in the end is pushed me to play Lords Mobile. Endless grinding is even worse than xxxxx days of waiting to finish research/construction in LM. But I really did not see Zen tables so much better then FS ones. Sure, visually they are miles ahead but other than that...
  2. kinggo

    First alphanumeric table speculation...

    blackwater 100 maybe. Or Spectrum. Or Special force. Or any table that's not already in TPA would be fine.
  3. kinggo

    Williams' Collection Volume 5 guesses

    we are on a different AC voltage. But that's it. Worst case scenario, they would need some 220V to 110V converter if the machine itself does not work on both voltages like any charger in the last 20 years.
  4. kinggo

    Williams Pinball App Data Collection

    All I know that I still don't have 100 coins....... I've been grinding daily challenges almost every day since the game came out on android. And I still don't know how their biggest selling point, physics, actually feels like. So how am I supposed to know is the game actually worth the money...
  5. kinggo

    Jersey Jack Willy Wonka

    now when I see him, I would take Blazing Saddles theme instead. But on a positive note, at least it's not Johnny Depp mug on the playfield.
  6. kinggo

    fx3 down

    No offline play on mobile.......
  7. kinggo

    Master List of Issues -- Williams Pinball

    Tho whole plunging thing is kinda broken on android. Theres no way of knowing how hard the plunge will be. Some skillshots are pure luck.
  8. kinggo

    Williams Pinball App Data Collection

    considering that if I'm lucky I'll get maybe 5 coins for daily challenges, it will take me 20 days to unlock level 4 on one table. Plus few coins from XP points. But I'm looking at 6 months or so for unlocking all tables at 4 stars . Maybe even more since 1 ball challenges are %#/!%#(#(...
  9. kinggo

    Volume 3 announced for march 19!!

    Well, if all that ZEN cares for is to suck up with existing customer then they didn't even have to bother. I still don't know how their real physics feels like thanks to their terrible grinding system. But regular arcade/tournament one isn't really better than TPA. And the fact that every table...
  10. kinggo

    Google Play version deleted! / Zaccaria Android announcement

    Nipples, nipples everywhere...... ( . )( . )
  11. kinggo

    Williams Pinball Android Beta

    so not much new with latest update........... Controls are still way to high for tablets. So no meaningful way to nudge. Dead flippers are still present but one ball challenge will tell the truth. Tournaments do award points now for me. How to control the plunger???? And what about that auto...
  12. kinggo

    Williams' Collection Volume 3 guesses

    well, nudging is next to impossible. And flippers sometimes don't work. And it is most obvious in 1 ball challenge. And it can't be that it's me or the tablet because it is waaaay better in arcade play.
  13. kinggo

    Williams' Collection Volume 3 guesses

    yeah...... like at least half decent app for android
  14. kinggo

    Williams Pinball Android Beta

    I have no idea how it is on other zen games, but I do know that after wasting some tickets and wining I dont get any reward points. I'm still in first league with 0/255 crowns. So either I dont get it or it just doesnt work. And yeah, that dead right flipper is there for sure in 1 ball challanges.
  15. kinggo

    Williams Pinball Android Beta

    oh.... the right one also suck big time. Yesterday I needed some 20+ games to finish 5min challenge on MM because of dead right flipper. True, that was happening in TPA also but maybe once in a hundred balls. Here............. well, in arcade almost never in challenges all the time. Like it's...
  16. kinggo

    BlahCade #163: Not down with IAP (yeah you know me)

    on andorid you get ONE per day and rewards suck. As it is now, I won't collect 50 parts to upgrade MM in the next 3 months.
  17. kinggo

    Pinball that has been featured on TV and in movies

    nothing special, but I do like Rami's performance On topic: in some recent The Flash episode there was Flight 2000 and the reskined version from Stern after Stern, Pinstar Gamatron
  18. kinggo

    Williams Pinball Android Beta

    tablet is mi pad 4 plus, so 10.1" with 1920x1200 in portrait and buttons are on upper half of the screen. I do have a fairly large hands, I can thumb type in landscape but there's no way to reach buttons while holding the tablet for normal play.
  19. kinggo

    Williams Pinball Android Beta

    Did they ever consider that some will want to play this on tablet?????? Plunger is way to high, there's no way to shift gears in game.I have to cradle the ball first. Nudging!!!!! HOW to do that to make any sense out of it? Swiping zone is to high and very impractical move. Touch zones are...

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