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  1. superballs

    My Hot Take on the new monetization (It's gotten Worse)

    Luckily they recanted on the ticket system and will just offer tables to pay for. Not sure why they can release tables faster with a ticket system. Are their tables not selling or something? They need their own version of crowd funding or something?
  2. superballs

    Pinball FX Founders table migration form

    I'm just not nuts about having to purchase all the Williams Tables AGAIN, after getting them in PBFX3, and after getting them all in PBA. Honestly, I'm pretty stoked about Visual Pinball in VR nowadays.
  3. superballs

    Williams Pinball Volume 6

    I like the releases this pack, I'm just hoping for an EM pack with Williams' Triple Strike. One can dream I guess.
  4. superballs

    Disappearing server?

    A good many of these things were beyond their control. They certainly have been the Peter Molyneux of digital pinball, no doubt about it, but so long as they have control over this, they will likely keep to it.
  5. superballs

    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

    I'm hoping they will dig back and find it in their hearts to release William's Triple Strike, the best most brutal pinball game I've ever played. Makes Big Shot look easy.
  6. superballs

    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

    God damn, I really hope cancel culture doesn't seep it's ugly head in here.
  7. superballs

    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

    Is it really that bad? Or just the price? I don't mind the actual game, is it a bad conversion?
  8. superballs

    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

    Same channel that does the amazing Marblelympics.
  9. superballs

    XBOX One Controller Issue on Android

    Yes, and I use it for both emulation and for GRID Motorsport with no issue. Bluetooth, and how you been? Long time no see :) So it did work in Android 9? Maybe I'll try installing it on my daughter's Note 8 and see if that sorts it....for science of course.
  10. superballs

    Is this it for Farsight / Pinball Arcade?

    Do you guys still have steam cab unlock keys?
  11. superballs

    XBOX One Controller Issue on Android

    Setup: Galaxy Note 10+ with XBOX One controller connected. No options presented to configure controller. Start playing a game and right flipper is up, unless I press up on the right analog stick (consequently pressing down on the stick raises the left flipper). Have to essentially play with...
  12. superballs

    Williams Pinball App Discussion

    And down it with beer? Wow, my first comment here in ages and I really set my bar low :)
  13. superballs

    Williams' Collection Volume 3 guesses

    Triple Strike! Triple Strike! Triple Strike! Triple Strike! Triple Strike! Triple Strike! Triple Strike! Triple Strike! Oh god please someone release Triple Strike!
  14. superballs

    FX3 Williams Thoughts

    It looks like it was already covered, buy yeah, when you lock the second ball, during the DMD animation where your dude stops in front of th Donut Heaven store, if there are three police cars, you shift up and down two or three times (it might be down up but I don't think so, just mash it up and...
  15. superballs

    FX3 Williams Thoughts

    Anyone who likes to trigger secret mania
  16. superballs

    Time to change the tablet... Any advice?

    The Galaxy Tab S3 looks to be a well reviewed tablet currently. It's 599$ though so not sure what your budget is like. I gave up on Mobile after begging for an upward nudging solution in the shake option for two years, but still use it to show off TPA. I play on a Note 8 though, so almost a...
  17. superballs

    TPA v8.0.0 now *requires* iOS 10 or later

    To be very fair, the 5s is a pretty old device. To be able to run iOS 10 wouldn't even require you to get a new new iDevice, just a newER one, so you should be able to do it without breaking the bank.
  18. superballs

    Zen Pinball FX3 Williams Pinball Volume One

    Tried the beta a few days ago, have an aging intel chipset, so it was literally unplayable. After the update I can update that to semi-playable (could tolerate until the timers ran out). Even with a 15fps framerate, the machines feel really good. I can't really comment on pinball minutae as I...
  19. superballs

    Zen Pinball FX3 Williams Pinball Volume One

    Is this controllable with analog? I seem to remember Zen with a controller allowing lighter nudges.