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  1. laughing_lunatic

    Getting the Multi-Ball 100 million jackpot

    I'm SO happy. I played this table in real life last night, first real pinball table I've touched in almost 30 years. I did OK (ish), my top score was around 880 million as opposed to my 4.2bn high score on TPA... the real world physics are a completely different beast, the ball frequently moved...
  2. laughing_lunatic

    Change HAREM to a Wizard Goal

    Well, if you wanted to just focus on the goal, defeating the genie can be done very quickly. Make sure to hit the lamp to light your wishes, and each time you enter the bazaar, simply get a jewel. Play out the simpler tales if you wish, but if you're not fussed with scoring, it's a 10 minute job.
  3. laughing_lunatic

    Request 100 Million HAS to equal cheater, doesn't it?

    Sadly mate, yes. He (or she, let's not be sexist here), is probably thinking that we're all in complete awe of their amazing abilities and go to sleep at night wishing we could be HALF the player they are. In reality, of course, we just think they're a ****. :)
  4. laughing_lunatic

    PS3 Pinball Arcade in 3D

    Aaaaanyway, after that brief advertising break: I think there's definitely a world of potential for Farsight to bring some amazing 3D into the game. Also in 3D, the game would have more appeal to casual gamers that might well be looking for a game to show off their new shiny 3D gear.
  5. laughing_lunatic

    PS3 - Request Theatre of Magic (Pro version)

    Hmmmm, this might well be the only table that I would bother getting the Pro add on for. I'd love to play it PAPA tournament style.
  6. laughing_lunatic

    Off to the APE

    nice dude, have fun, I'm jealous... take pics ~!!!!
  7. laughing_lunatic

    Pinball in 3D is %#%%!!. A Review of the PlayStation 3D Display/Zen 2 in 3D.

    Stereo ?? 7.1 if you please. Imagine, 3D tables, the very subtle sound all around of other games being played, a little chatter maybe, a small girl giggles with delight at the beeps and lights of whatever games she's playing... is that a DOG ? Who let a dog in here... as you pull off a outlane...
  8. laughing_lunatic

    Completed Grand Finale!

    Good for you, nice job... I find finishing the Grande Finale isn't that tough, not taking anything away from you accomplishment. As long as you relax and make the shots that you've been making all along to GET to the Grande Finale, it really isn't so bad. GETTING to the Grande Finale is the...
  9. laughing_lunatic

    Twilight Zone for the Vita has terrible graphics.

    Uhm... you DO know that *we* are not Farsight, right ? We're just fans.
  10. laughing_lunatic

    Medieval Madness Pro-pack fixed Dragon return

    hahaha, can you imagine the UPROAR if the table fix was dependent on purchasing the Pro add on ?!?
  11. laughing_lunatic

    Exactly how long does it take for your score to show on leaderboards?

    I don't get the leaderboards at all... 3 things make me not even pay any attention: 1. On ToM for instance, I have a high score of 4.2B... yet on the leaderboards it only shows my previous high score of 3.5B 2. I don't care that I'm 4927th on a given table. 3. The high scores on any given...
  12. laughing_lunatic


    Maiden + Sabs... welcome !
  13. laughing_lunatic

    PS3 - Bug Scared Stiff wizard goal What am I missing?

    oh, ok, thanks for the clarification.
  14. laughing_lunatic

    PS3 - Bug Scared Stiff wizard goal What am I missing?

    hahaha, now I have doubts... when I got the goal, I'm pretty sure it was a cumulative score, not just one hit...
  15. laughing_lunatic

    Finally got Spider Mania goal

    Nice job, man !!! This is going to be one of those goals that's going to consume my VERY soul until I get it. I came within 2 features of getting it, one time, and was positively frothing with anticipation... but alas, the Pinball Gods being what they are, decided I needed to drain my last 2...
  16. laughing_lunatic

    Twilight Zone for the Vita has terrible graphics.

    Shudder - dude, don't even joke. I don't even play this on my Vita anymore, I agree it's a shoddy effort. I really don't understand how it can look SO bad on the Vita. I mean they say in their blurb that Hi-Res images are taken of the tables, surely it's the same images for all platforms ? The...
  17. laughing_lunatic


    Fantastic AND insanity !!
  18. laughing_lunatic

    Change HAREM to a Wizard Goal

    It undoubtedly SHOULD be a Wizard goal, no question. The Wizard goal of getting an extra ball and standard goal of activating Harem multiball should be reversed.
  19. laughing_lunatic


    Holy good mother of... now THAT'S pretty freakin' cool.

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