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  1. Espy

    What's the music?

    Thank you!
  2. Espy

    What's the music?

    P.S. this was the (rather crap) act...
  3. Espy

    What's the music?

    So, to my surprise, the music from this game featured in an act of Britain's Got Talent tonight. Now unless someone on the production team there is a huge pinhead, that leaves me to believe that the music on this table is not original. Does anyone know what the track is? Namely the "main" theme...
  4. Espy

    How do the Challenge Mode leaderboards work?

    Apologies if this has been discussed already, but I've been playing the Challenge Mode as it's recently been added to PS3. I wanted to compare my Season One score (say, 800ish) on the leaderboards but when I looked it up my score is marked as 12 million? Where is this number plucked from? It's...
  5. Espy

    Has anyone been able to balance three balls on each flipper at once?

    But getting three balls on both flippers at once? It will take some special aligning of stars, I think.
  6. Espy

    What am I missing?

    Thanks guys, I finally came to a point of mutual respect with this table. Not one I can see myself coming back to again and again, but I had a fun few hours with it tonight. Won maybe about a dozen tokens and got four of the wizard goals. Though I'm not sure I actually got 5x multiplier, so I...
  7. Espy

    Request Gamecube adapter support?

    The only game compatible with the adapter is Smash Bros. It was a one-time deal and Nintendo want to keep it that way for some reason. So no, no support. You sure even the Pro Controller doesn't have some kind of sensitivity on the sensors? I always found spongy triggers useless for pinball...
  8. Espy

    What am I missing?

    Thanks guys. Going to give it another shot tomorrow. Don't see this table becoming one to obsess over, though. If I can win the board games a few times I'll be happy.
  9. Espy

    Has anyone been able to balance three balls on each flipper at once?

    My best bet would be statistically improbable. Never say never but I think once you have two balls on a flipper you would have a newton's cradle effect when a third one enters the fray, knocking one off. Or it if came to rest slowly it would probably push one of them off. Not something you could...
  10. Espy


    So I just became the 17th member of the 9,999,999,990 club so I thought I should share some strategy. Not much to do once the score is maxed, but not too many people have got there yet, so decided share :) I do like this table a lot more than I expected to. It's not typical for a SEGA in that...
  11. Espy

    What am I missing?

    Okay, so I've been going back to this table every so often and trying to understand it. I've been piecing together the ruleset, but it just isn't clicking. I understand the main aim of the game is to win the board game. I have tried countless times but have never managed to - it just seems like...
  12. Espy

    Wii U version coming out in a few weeks

    A small clip was just featured in the Nintendo Direct EU. So it's definitely on Nintendo's radar, so I'd imagine we'd see it shortly.
  13. Espy

    The ultimate buzzkill

    Came back thirsty for revenge today. Figured out how to farm extra balls, and got 22 million. 30th on the leaderboard. And it registered. VINDICATED.
  14. Espy

    The ultimate buzzkill

    So after being brutally assaulted by this table, I finally lay down a 12 million game. Not a tremendous score by any means, but just enough to put me in the top 100. I log on to the scoreboards to check my position. "You must be logged into PSN to view the scoreboards". I checked. I was logged...
  15. Espy

    Cellar Hole Standard Goal?

    Thanks. I will give that a shot tomorrow. Still trying to understand the table properly, to be honest. Is it possible to play it for a long time, or are games always shorter due to the ball save rules? I've played it in real life and it's a blast, but now I'm actually trying to strategise it I'm...
  16. Espy

    Cellar Hole Standard Goal?

    Okay, so I'm finally catching up with TPA, but due to life I am ages behind and playing through the last few tables of Season 4. I'm trying to unlock the wizard goals for Safe Cracker, but having no luck as the standard goal for the cellar award isn't popping. Can someone explain how to get this...
  17. Espy

    My absence

    Hey guys, know I've not been posting here properly for a while. There's actually a good reason for it. My job used to be boring, and I would mainly post on this forum to fill the spots where I didn't have anything to do. But after pestering my manager for a long time, in April I got the chance...
  18. Espy

    Apparently this is now a top ten table

    I know the IPDB ratings are questionable, but I just noticed that BSD has entered the top 10. Think this is justified? Is it that good? One of the nine best tables in TPA? (We have all of the top ten bar Indiana Jones, and that isn't happening soon :()
  19. Espy

    TPA on 3DS release date?

    That never came out in Europe. I wanted it at the time, but it looks so dated compared to TPA now. Those floaty ball physics...
  20. Espy

    Arcade Club - Europe's Largest Arcade

    Nice! Hopefully I can go here at some point.

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