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    720p support?

    Little update - I've upgraded the GPU but now the DMD is just a black rectangle (see other post)! So I've swapped back to the old GPU and played with the settings a bit more. If anyone else is in the unlikely position of needing to play on a 720p playfield, then setting the Back Buffer Width...
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    Dmd not working anymore, stays black

    I've had the same issue (my PC is Win 10 pro 64, TPA 1.70.6). The DMD worked fine until I upgraded my GPU from an NVIDIA GT 630 to a Radeon RX590. I just get a black rectangle with the Radeon, but a working DMD when I swap back to the NVIDIA card. Anyone got any ideas on a fix?
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    720p support?

    OK Thanks - I'll get a better GPU!
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    720p support?

    Just wondering if anyone's got the mod working at 720x1280? I've adjusted the dx11 video settings but the DMD is cropped incorrectly. The PC I'm using doesn't quite have the power to manage 1080p. Thanks to NoEx for this great mod!

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