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    Pinball FX released

    No option for any AA in the menus. Only Gama and Motion Blur Amount.
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    Pinball FX released

    Does the game look any better on ps5,xbox series s or x? I tried it on a xbox one and it looks awful and worse then fx3. Even before the capture compression the wire ramps look awful and the far textures are blurry. pinball fx 3 on xbox one
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    Pinball FX (4)

    Epic Store Will Have More Exclusives Than Ever In 2021/2022
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    Zen Studios acquired by Embracer Group

    With them becoming part of Saber Interactive i hope microtransactions aren't coming to the console and pc versions since NBA Playgrounds 1-2 & WWE Battlegrounds had a bunch of them.
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    Pinball Arcade and Stern Arcade PS4 running on the PS5

    That's why you just download the game from Game Pass and then you don't need to stream it.
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    Master List of Issues Within the PC Version

    I'm also missing the Glo-Balls and the eyeball. I can find the purchase of the eye ball in my steam account purchases but cant find the glo balls purchase. I think they just showed up in my game after buying season 6 or 7 because i dont remember buying them.
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    Poor Little Xboxy-woxy!

    It seems a update has been released and It has Season 7 up to GhostBusters.
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    The next table is out of the bag

    Heres what the Filesizes are from the Amazon Version Total: 68.63MB App:43.06MB Data:25.57MB
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    Table Pack #63 Speculation

    I bet the first of many.
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    Stern Pinball Arcade Live For Xbox One.(US)

    Anyone get a 1.76Gb update today? Is it new or has the update been out for a while since I haven't played SPA on Xbox One for a few weeks I dont know if its new or not.
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    Table Pack #61 Speculation

    A Gottlieb Premier table.
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    Table Pack #60 Speculation Thread

    I'll go with another Awful Gottlieb Premier table.
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    TPA does not start

    TPA stopped working on Windows XP I think from the Doctor Who Update Last year.They said they were going to fix it but I don't think they have.I gave up waiting and got a Alienware Alpha for Christmas.
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    Stern Pinball Arcade Live For Xbox One.(US)

    I had Bad Framerate Drops on POTO Once but after I reset it was back to normal.
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    Stern Pinball Arcade Live For Xbox One.(US)

    You can change them in the Settings.They Are Default RB & LB and Changing them to The Triggers was the first thing i did.
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    Stern Pinball Arcade Live For Xbox One.(US)

    Correct I'll edit my Post.When I clicked to buy them through the console It didn't list any description.
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    Stern Pinball Arcade Live For Xbox One.(US) Add-on Pack 1 $19.99 This add-on pack includes the pinball tables:Ripley's Believe it or Not!®,Star Trek™ Vengeance Premium,Starship Troopers™,AC/DC® Premium Add-on Pack 2 $19.99 This add-on pack includes the pinball...
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    Stern Pinball Arcade Release Dates

    I think we will see another delay on SPA for Xbox One Version getting released to December 15th for Digital since that would be 30 Days since the PS4 Release. Also the Game was't even mentioned on This Week On Xbox for Games Being released this week.

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