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    Wanted: Lord of the Rings

    Over 5 years later, but maybe its a step nearer, just not in SPA or TPA. Same group that owns Zen has bought the Lord of the Rings rights (though Zen would still need to acquire the other rights to make it, including from Stern)...
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    Forum closure

    You can use I've used it to save a handful of threads that weren't already saved, not sure how easy it is to find them afterwards though.
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    Multiple FX Pinball announcements today, plus first looks!

    Keep in mind its still in early access so may be more settings added/tweaked, and performance improved. For comparison, have you tried pinball FX3 yet?
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    Forum closure

    So we should try and save the useful bits on Wayback Machine? - I checked a few threads, and all but one were already on there.
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    Forum closure

    I'm a relative newbie compared with many on here, having joined just under 4 years ago. I'm having a listen to the BlahCade pilot while I have the opportunity. Thanks for hosting this Gord. Will the forum be archived in some way? There is a lot of useful information scattered about, like some...
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    Multiple FX Pinball announcements today, plus first looks!

    Thats what I've done as well, just copy in the settings I used for FX3. Only have 3 tables in FX at present, so I haven't gone beyond that yet.
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    Guess the next Williams Table

    courtesy of pinballwiz posting it in the discord, but as no one has posted it here yet. Could it really be ST:TNG this early, or is that use of the word collective unintentional as a hint?
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    Guess the next Williams Table

    Think you may be getting Paramount mixed up with CBS. Think its roughly Paramount = Star Trek when its films, and CBS =when its TV series.
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    Is this it for Farsight / Pinball Arcade?

    ..and as it specifically mentions Stern it does imply that Stern (or less likely, even Farsight themselves if the cost of doing so is higher than the residual sales they are still making) may not have renewed that license and that it will run out over the summer. A strong possibility anyway.
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    Is this it for Farsight / Pinball Arcade?

    A hint of a change - delisting, some tables removed? Seems the Indie Gamer Chick knows something the rest of us don't.
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    Pinball FX to offer a subscription model and micro transactions.

    Mel answered some questions on the FX discord last night (username Zen_mel). Most relevant answer to this thread copied below; if they are successful in getting cross-platform agreements then the tickets make a lot more sense. "We are in the very early days. As more features roll out I think...
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    Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure on FX3/Steam release on March 10th, 2022!

    I'd actually forgotten Sean Connery would be in it. That can't have been particularly easy to get from him (or from his estate depending when the licensing deal was done).
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    Indiana Jones on Mobile: Buy or "Earn?"

    With previous releases there were specific challenges for them where you could earn enough table parts (over the fortnight the challenge was available) to get them up to level 2. Will the same option be available for Indy? we will find out soon.
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    Pinball that has been featured on TV and in movies

    Latest episode of Billions (S6E5 Rock of Eye) has pinball analogies as part of the plot-line, and there is a Data East Back to the Future prominently in it (which I think has also been in the background in another recent episode).
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    Multiple FX Pinball announcements today, plus first looks!

    There has been a hint that some of the Apple exclusive tables may get a more advanced ruleset when/if they come to pinball FX so don't automatically dismiss them all (though My Little Pony still seems questionable as an IP)
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    Multiple FX Pinball announcements today, plus first looks!

    How much do oculus do to curate their store? Are they actively keeping shovelware out of it and only allowing "proper" games/software to be listed in it?
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    FX3 backglass images

    Give the following settings a try and see if they work : Orientation: 270 Dot matrix horizontal position: 2250 Dot matrix vertical position: 725 Dot matrix horizontal size: 1260 Dot matrix vertical size: 315 Backglass repositioning: On Backglass horizontal position: 1920 Backglass...
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    Farsight support

    What question is that in reply to, and where is it; depends on context if its referring to all (inc. Stern/Gottlieb) licenses, or just some.
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    The Pinball Show

    Its a very short wait to find out. Maybe its the thing Mel hinted at that would be released before FX getting an imminent release? Also Pinballwiz congratulations on winning the pinball quiz in previous The Pinball Show. I won one of the packs (was a vol. 6, but as I already have it Akos has...

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