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  1. Hackcell

    Pinball in Miami?

    Does anybody knows about a place where I can play pinball in the Doral/Dade county area?
  2. Hackcell

    Big Bang Bar

    I'd love to see Big Bang Bar in TPA. What do you think about it?
  3. Hackcell

    Stern metallica pinball

    Any idea about the minds after it?
  4. Hackcell

    Stern metallica pinball

    So far, best Stern pin I've played is Simpsons. AC DC is nice, but, at least to me, not as good as Simpsons.
  5. Hackcell

    Twister by Sega

    Never. The only Sega pin I've played is Batman Forever.
  6. Hackcell

    Played some awesome pins today

    Wish I could play Cirqus Voltaire one day :-)
  7. Hackcell

    Stern metallica pinball

    IMO, nowadays Metallica is not what it used to be during the 80s, however they're still being a great band. They are putting the right tracks in the machine. Now we have to wait for the ruleset.
  8. Hackcell

    Stern metallica pinball

    Woah!!! Let's wait for the outcome. Hopefully, it has to be better than GnR or AC-DC machines.
  9. Hackcell

    Pinball machine owners list

    Twilight Zone / Funhouse / Addams Family
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    Hi :-)
  14. Hackcell

    Hello, from a new pinball lover

  15. Hackcell

    Pins and Needles, Los Angeles

    The place seems to be cool. I'm expecting to go there during my next trip to LA. I've never played an EM machine.
  16. Hackcell

    I come in peace

    Hello there!
  17. Hackcell

    Hey everyone

    Hello there Gord and everybody. 31 y/o costarrican here. My story in another post :-)
  18. Hackcell

    Showing off

    Jealous!!! I want the IJ in my collection.

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