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  1. Scumble373

    New permissions? Why does TPA now need location information?

    I believe the ad service we use in our game tracks your location so that it can give you ads that are relevant to your general area. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Scumble373

    In-app Purchases Not Working on Amazon Version

    Getting a new version up now. Just waiting for approval. The version code should be 1.37.2 I'll post here when it's live.
  3. Scumble373

    Kindle Fire - Bug Left flipper issue with Kindle Fire HDX 7"

    Email and provide detailed steps on how to reproduce the issue. I'm unable to reproduce it with my Kindle HDX
  4. Scumble373

    Bug Portrait mode doesn't work anymore!

    Thank you all for the feedback! I really appreciate all of your patience while we got this sorted out! :)
  5. Scumble373

    Bug Portrait mode doesn't work anymore!

    Just pushed a new update with the portrait bug fix in to the google play store. It should be available to download in a few hours. Please post here and let me know whether the update fixes the problem for you. Thanks!
  6. Scumble373

    Bug Portrait mode doesn't work anymore!

    This is getting fixed ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  7. Scumble373

    Can't download Jack-Bot

    Just uploaded the latest (jackbot) amazon apk onto my phone (Droid Razr Maxx) and downloading JackBot worked perfectly. You may want to check if your internet connection is stable during the download, and that you have enough space to download the table. If that still doesn't work, send an email...
  8. Scumble373

    Can't download Jack-Bot

    Very sorry, wrote this response in a hurry, didn't mean to offend anyone. I just meant that I don't test the amazon version running on a phone. When we upload the apk to amazon we do a checklist of the amazon devices we run on. They are as follows: Kindle Fire (1st Gen), Kindle Fire (2nd Gen)...
  9. Scumble373

    Can't download Jack-Bot

    We don't recommend using the amazon version on a phone. The app is built on Amazon for Kindles, and built on Google Play for Phones. Here's the link:
  10. Scumble373

    Bug Tables are upside down in landscape mode.

    Sorry for the radio silence everyone! I finally had a chance to look at the rotation code, and found that we were only checking for Portrait and landscape, rather than Portrait, landscape AND reverse landscape. I've just written the implementation, so the fix should be in the next android...
  11. Scumble373

    Greetings from a life long gamer

    Welcome! :)
  12. Scumble373

    Shield Tablet Controller and Basic UI Navigation in Portrait

    So we're just looking for a way to scroll through the carousel using the d-pad?
  13. Scumble373

    Cyclone missing from Google Leaderboards?

    Whoops! This always slips through testing for some reason! I'll add it right away! :)
  14. Scumble373

    Google Play Pop-Ups

    What table? Are you signed into Google Play? Are you going in and out of internet access? When you say "pop-ups" do you mean ads? or requests to sign in? Thanks
  15. Scumble373

    TAF Gold Edition on Ouya

    I'll get this figured out. Can you message me what your Farsight Login email is?
  16. Scumble373

    Android - Request One more touch scheme for portrait

    Ok, so bottom row needs to be shorter right? The top row of your picture still doesn't have the diagonal nudges so I'm not sure how to do them. They can't be square unless you want the boxes to be very small.
  17. Scumble373

    Android - Request One more touch scheme for portrait

    Ok let's try this:
  18. Scumble373

    Android - Request One more touch scheme for portrait

    Wow, the picture is really small, kinggo how do you make the pictures appear in the actual post instead of making a link?
  19. Scumble373

    Android - Request One more touch scheme for portrait

    Alright! I've had some free time to look at the touch scheme stuff and I've made (what I think to be) a touch scheme that you guys were asking for. This is Version 1 of the new touch scheme (Touch Scheme: G) Please let me know what needs to be changed / altered for this to be the touch scheme...
  20. Scumble373

    Bug Won't let me play Challenge Mode

    Managed tables commands have been bugged for a while now. Need to find some time to look into why that stuff doesn't work.

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