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    Junkyard Impressions

    Same thing happened to me, also on iPad air. Bummer.
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    Bug IOS - 2 bugs - Ultimate fight stopped half way - Cash fight wizard goal doesnt award!

    You wonder correctly -- the goal only awards if you win WITHOUT a KO. We had the exact same experience, did two cash fights winning by knockout, no goal awarded. One more winning WITHOUT a KO and it awarded.
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    Bug Didn't get sun special wizard goal

    After collecting the Sun Special twice without triggering the goal, last night did it again and it finally worked. I'm very sure that this time when it actually triggered, Advance Planet was NOT lit. I want to say that at least the last time I activated it without triggering the goal, AP WAS...
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    To those with bum codes

    They have ignored several of my emails, asking when I can receive a valid code. How many time shall I email them before it's okay to complain?
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    To those with bum codes

    So what do we do if you gave us bum codes, and are ignoring our emails?
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    Star Trek: TNG Kickstarter Codes

    Still waiting for my second WORKING psn code. A month and a half later, is it still reasonable to assume that they're "trying"? Or is it legit to start complaining?
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    Double Jackpot goal

    Yep, just because you get the Double Jackpot in the game doesn't mean the goal registers. Go Farsight.
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    Star Trek: TNG Kickstarter Codes

    It would be a lot easier to be optimistic if it weren't just wall of silence. I got my bad code on March 28th, and responded the same day that it was bad. Heard nothing, emailed again April 5th. Heard nothing. It is now April 19th, 3 weeks after the bad code, no response at all. How many...
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    Star Trek: TNG Kickstarter Codes

    It seems pretty clear they're taking the "We already have your money, who cares about you" approach to customer service.
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    Star Trek: TNG Kickstarter Codes

    Two weeks later and still waiting for a code. I've had to email them NINE TIMES, have not heard any response from my last email 8 days ago. This is absolutely abysmal. * -- NOT just spamming their box. They ask a question / They send a bad code, I respond.
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    Star Trek: TNG Kickstarter Codes

    Both of the North America table & pro codes I was sent are invalid.
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    Star Trek: TNG Kickstarter Codes

    In total I ordered 2 PSN codes. They have so far sent me 4, only ONE of which was valid. Wouldn't it be easier to just do it right the first time, Farsight?
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    Star Trek: TNG Kickstarter Codes

    Still no codes at all for me. (Yes I've already emailed them)
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    Star Trek: TNG Kickstarter Codes

    Yes, for TZ the people who paid the earliest and most got the game last. Seeing as how there is no mention of codes from Farsight and it releases tomorrow, it seems ST:TNG is going to be the same.
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    Bug Twlight Zone (PS3) standard goal - Score a Gumball Combo not registering

    I had the same problem. Ended up registering after a few dozen spins of doing it. Got mine to register after a quit/restart. Not sure if that mattered.
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    Twilight Zone Kickstarter Redemption

    Bobby Knight explicitly said he didn't think it was possible to give away the table before it was released. IOW - he/they did not understand the difference between giving away the table early, and getting pre-release codes out there in time. Why make excuses?
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    Milwaukee Jackpot Help

    Okay, finally got it. For anyone else still trying, this is how I did it. Personally, the just-keep-multiballing strategy wasn't effective at anything but score without insane luck, so : Exactly like Gorgar said, select Next City every plunge. You get 3 EBs, so all told doing this will get you...
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    Milwaukee Jackpot Help

    How are you guys getting to Milwaukee? I just played an hour and a half game with ridiculous luck, posted the #13 Leaderboard score 961,???,??? and barely got to Milwaukee as the next city. My strategy is keep activating the multiballs, since (I find) going for RIDE/LIVE to be too outlaney. Am...
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    Trivially start Harley Multiball for the goal

    This table isn't exactly hard, but I figured out a neat super-cheesy way to just get straight to Harley Multiball. On your first two balls, select Harley Letter on launch. Then immediately tilt to avoid the ball save wasting time. On the third ball, selecting Harley Letter will immediately...
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    please redo the scoreboards for elvira and ngg

    Then we are agreed. Thanks for stumbling upon this.

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