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    Flipper lag

    Thanks all. Setting "Game Mode: On" on my Samsung HDTV fixed the problem.
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    Flipper lag

    Am I the only one experiencing flipper lag on the Xbox One TPA? I have TAF and t2 from Kickstarter rewards, and both have serious flipper lag compared to the iPad version. I estimate about a 200ms delay between pressing the trigger and the flipper actually firing, which causes me to miss all my...
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    Pro Pinball

    Me? Why?
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    Guys. Timeshock is out. Get hype

    Ah, I get it now. You might not have noticed that in glass-off mode you can move the ball around the playfield with your finger (just touch anywhere above the flippers). You can cheat doing this, so that's why high scores aren't allowed in glass-off mode.
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    Guys. Timeshock is out. Get hype

    What glass removal issue are you talking about? You'll get used to the magnosave. Timing is everything, and a good time to use it is after a failed upper ramp shot. Also practice little movements of your fingers while holding down a flipper button to bounce balls out of the outlane area.
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    Guys. Timeshock is out. Get hype

    There's a low view (running in landscape mode) on the way. Beta testers have seen some of the early renders.
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    Pro Pinball

    I'm #1 on the leaderboard with 1.17B, but I did have couple of months with the beta...
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    Pro Pinball

    If you have the deluxe version, a way to restart the game is: pause, operators menu, up arrow.
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    Request what are the chances of seeing INDIANAPOLIS 500 on TPA?

    This is a great game. I'd love to see it in TPA.
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    Junkyard opinions?

    I've always liked the game, but according to Bowen Kerins it's terrible for competitive play: the only strategy is to do the video mode over and over:
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    Request Difficulty Settings

    +1 from me, too. I'd love to be able to play a leaderboard-qualifying game of TZ that doesn't take upwards of an hour to complete. And the tournaments should be on hard ROM and table settings always.
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    Bug Game reverts to launch view during Final Frontier

    I had this issue on iPad3 with previous versions of TPA, but it's fixed for me now.
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    PAPA TV: Livestreaming Pinball Kickstarter

    They've already hit their stretch goals by I chipped in another $50 for the T-shirt. A great cause.
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    White Water tactics and strategies?

    Good tips. Sadly, "Hold Bonus" does exactly nothing in this game. It even says to in the TPA rules.
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    No recognition for Rule the Universe?

    I didn't know this. Saving the secondary high scores would almost make the Pro mode worth the purchase. Can you still post leaderboard scores using the Pro version if you don't modify any options? If you could participate in the leaderboards *and* save secondary high scores that would be a big...
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    What initials/name do you use for high scores?

    I am also DAV, since around 1982. And I'm nonfamousd on the Farsight leaderboards.
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    Kudos, Farsight - great reproduction

    White Water is one of my favourite pins of all time, and I've played hundreds of games on dozens of real-life machines. Farsight did a bang-up job reproducing this one. It's terms of gameplay, it's spot-on even in some of the smallest details. The difficulty of the insanity falls / bigfoot...
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    iOS Version 1.2.6 Bugs

    Not sure about the iPhone, but on the iPad this isn't a problem. You can just press the "close keyboard" button -- it's the button in the lower-right corner.
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    Bug Game reverts to launch view during Final Frontier

    This bug is still present in the iOS 1.2.6 version. A new version of the table did download, so I'd hoped there was a fix. Sadly, with Multiball Camera set to "OFF", every time Final Frontier starts the view still locks to the plunger until all but one ball is lost.
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    My strategy for winning the BFTK despite the Troll bomb bug

    By the way: my speculation on *why* the right flipper activates Troll Bombs is because of the dot after "FREE PLAY." The ROM image thinks that the physical "start" button is broken, and is using the right flipper as the switch replacement. Imaging the ROM *before* the dot appears, or simulating...

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