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    New Game - World Flipper for Android

    Yo, just wanted to let you guys/gals know that the game is out and it's free. It's similar to Brave Pinball (not that I played it) where you flip your heroes into enemies and stuff, level up, kill bosses. Oh, and gacha mechanics as well as you recruit units into your party. I've only played...
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    The Pinball Show

    lmao, after that shoutout to you in that video, Pinballwiz45b disappears from the PFX scene.
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    Zen Williams app Bug?

    Yes, the word I was looking for was actually inconsistent and not unresponsive. I'm glad I asked this question because I thought it was an isolated case, I also reported this issue to Zen some time back. I don't get why Zen made the touch nudging on the top of the screen. I can understand that...
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    Zen Williams app Bug?

    I think the challenges have a fixed score just like the issue we posted above (Space Station having 15m for normal on the "easy" challenges), so it's set by Zen, and as for the challenge leaderboards, I think it's just fluff and there isn't really a way to climb it either. I also had a score...
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    Zen Williams app Bug?

    Alright, so I had a go at it and you're right, it's a pretty **** score to chase. Top most challenge "easy" - Easy 1 million, normal 15 million (???) and hard ???. The first section of normal is to 500,000 which is tough, once you get past that it's 1 mil, what the hell :confused: This...
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    Master List of Issues -- Williams Pinball

    Just found this bug to add to the list, played and tested on android. Space Station: In pro physics mode, after locking ball on either sinkhole/saucers, up nudging ejects balls from both saucers. In regular zen physics, up nudging only ejects ball from the right saucer.
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    Guns N Roses Pinball from Jersey Jack

    That lightshow is nuts!! Melt your face off nuts!! ;)
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    The Random Thought Thread

    Thanks for the response you guys, you have reassured me that I'm not crazy to think this way. wolfson - this is the first time seeing the trailer for those 1UP tables, those legs looks so comical, lol. shutyertrap - It sucks to hear that that is a very common issue with pins on location...
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    The Random Thought Thread

    I think I just wanna rant for a bit :p So where I'm from, basically pinball has been long dead, I was too young to enjoy them during its prime, but somewhat recently they had setup a Batman 66' in an arcade near where I live. So of course I'm excited AF to play it, yes, I do go and play it when...
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    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

    Yeah, I'm beginning to think that this may be the case as well. Wishful thinking tho, I was thinking that maybe, just maybe Zen has an ace up the sleeve with a new an improved game/app (Maybe FX4) and complete overhaul to the Williams app. It's been quite sometime since any update was done on...
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    Williams Pinball Volume 6

    North Korea becomes world leader.
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    Stern Pinball - Avengers: Infinity Quest

    Pretty dope. I'd make a joke about Stern releasing tables faster than Zen, but I'm just beating a dead horse over here.
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    why did zen take away earned table parts?

    Do you mean that when upgrading a level 2 to a level 3 table, you had less parts? E.g. 40/50 instead of 50/50?
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    Williams Pinball App Discussion

    Can confirm that it gives Universal Monster's parts. I believe it give all parts for all tables. So to dmil666, that means you haven't maxed out on your older tables, it's random. [Edit] Oh yeah, I think I misunderstood. Yes, the timed challenges are not giving NEW parts, heh.
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    Williams Pinball App Discussion

    You know what? After I posted the above message, the servers went down. But now upon checking the app again, I can still see that the Monster Box is still there. No splash screen for me though.
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    Williams Pinball App Discussion

    Heads up. You can now buy Monster Box for 20 Zen coins in the store to get 5 random parts. Since parts for the 2 new table are not dropping in the regular challenges, this is the only way you can get parts for Monster Bash and Creature from the Black Lagoon aside from the Timed Challenges.
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    Williams Pinball App Data Collection

    Hey MadScience, thanks for the advice. If I didn't write to Zen about this issue - I would have continued to feel pretty bummed out about the app. (I only gave feedback here and over the Play Store beta comments) Here's the good news - I wrote to them and I got my coins back! They said they are...
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    Williams Pinball App Data Collection

    Big oof today for me. I am now on the same boat as the people who made accidental purchase on the store. Zen please add a confirmation when buying things on the store! I accidentally bought Whitewater from the store for 250 Zen coins, and get this - 250 coins nets you a 2 star table. But what...
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    Williams Pinball App Data Collection

    Hi, good news to everyone playing the Williams Pinball app on Android/iOS. Vol. 4 parts now drop in daily challenges, as well as Zen coins for those who completed pack 1 - 3. Daily part video rewards is also back - I have never seen it when they were first introduced.

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