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    The Pinball Show

    It could be a risky business model to abandon their Steam customers, but we will see. I could care less what platform I buy a game on since I already buy games from both Steam, Origin, Uplay and Epic. But my main issue here is having to rebuy all the old tables again. Maybe I will only buy new...
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    Williams Pinball Volume 6

    What about fixes/updated physics to the older packs. Any news about that? Surely they could not have spent all this time just on alphanumeric displays. :confused: The bug list seems to get longer with each release and no fixes are coming between packs. Even Farsight fixed more bugs than Zen...
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    Master List of Issues -- Williams Pinball

    Theatre of Magic: In classic singleplayer/tournament settings: When shooting the orbit around the trunk from left side the ball always exits towards the left flipper. Watching several videos of the table on Youtube this never happens on a real table. Spacies arcade also commented on this in his...
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    Feedback and issues on FX3 Williams Pinball Vol. 1 - Release version

    My notes so far on PC version after some hours play: Physics on classic play: - Drop catches are near impossible to do. In several hours of practice and attempts I have not made one yet. In the last beta it was possible but hard. Has anyone been able to do drop catches? - I enjoy the...
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    BlahCade Pinball Podcast Episodes (128 and higher)

    Regarding new T-shirts. If you manage to find a producer who can ship them from the EU I would love to buy some again. I bought a couple of T-shirts with the old logo years back but those customs taxes hit me really hard because they shipped from the US.
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    BlahCade 122: A Very Herculean Festivus

    Long time listener here. Your podcast recently had the effect on me that I had to buy some Zen tables in the Steam sale just to see what the fuss was all about. I am currently playing it more than Pinball Arcade, since the last table releases have seemed boring to me. In the past I have tried...
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    Master List of Issues Within the PC Version

    Since the update the game keeps crashing to desktop when going to the leaderboards and selecting "Overall". This happens on all tables. Are the servers down or something?
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    No newsletter although you subscribed? Post here please.

    I have subscribed to the newsletter on 2 different emails, just to be sure to get it. Most months I only get it on one of them, but this time I got it on both. However it was marked as spam in one of the mailboxes by my mail provider.
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    Pinball Arcade Interface New Design

    Great work. I really like your design. Hope Farsight takes notice of this.
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    BlahCade 100: Szás

    Congratulations on reaching 100 episodes... I still enjoy listening. :)
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    March Tournament is Underway

    Doctor Who MOT is not the best choice as a tournament table. It still has some issues still with the DMD switching to the original table DMD. I had to abandon my first game as I could not start multiball because of this bug. Also the DMD does not give any info when jackpot is scored or am I...
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    BlahCade 82: Last Gasp 2016

    Enjoyed this podcast. Thanks. Hope to hear your views on the new Doctor Who and Gladiators tables in a future episode. I am sure Chris has a view on that lovely Gottlieb table... lol. ;-)
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    Very torn about Farsight as a company (sort of rant but also a question, confused)

    If they still only have one programmer it is a sign of poor management. I feel bad for that programmer then. But after all Farsight is still stated as developer and publisher on the Steam page, so they should be held accountable for this product. Releasing a product so broken that you can't...
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    Regenerated version release date?

    My first impressions of the Regenerated table: - DMD seems very basic. When I got the Missy jackpot it does not display the points earned. Also does not show what ball I am on. Score font is very hard to read (missing commas, better spacing between letters please) - Sounds and audio from the...
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    Not impressed with dr.Who

    The ball does seem to move a bit slow on this one, compared to the gameplay videos I have seen. I just played Bram Stoker's Dracula after playing Dr Who and that one has much better ball speed. Also when the ball hits the tips of the flippers at high speed it slows the ball way down. The last...
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    Master List of Issues Within the PC Version

    Same thing here regarding the ratings not saving between sessions. I just tested this and it seems that the game only saves the star rating when you make a high score on that table in the same session: Set a 3 star rating for Last Action Hero, then entered the table and scored 2nd on the table...
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    Master List of Issues Within the PC Version

    New bug on Bride of Pinbot: Several parts don't move with the rest of the table when nudging. These include the bumpers and parts of the rotating face.
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    New UI Public Beta

    I still don't get the design decisions with this new UI. Why place the most used menu for game modes and tables in the top left corner, while less used features are placed in the middle of the screen. The logo on the main screen looks very out of place in art style compared to the rest of the...
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    New UI Public Beta

    Hope this one will get fixed in the release version. Otherwise I can't really use those cool new filters.
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    New Stern Pinball Arcade: AC/DC Kickstarter is FULLY FUNDED!!!

    I would have thought that the partnership with Stern would mean lower licensing fees. Or maybe Stern would back the project and chip in towards the license, but I guess not.

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