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    TPA v6.1.0 (Indy 500 table) has been released

    Ball momemntarily stuck in the launch-ramp,at game start. The indy car that is supposed to block the ramp to start one of the many m-ball modes, misses the first ball so mball starts prematurely. Also the first line of audio where the commenters are supposed to present themselves with names are...
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    Thoughts on the new iOS interface?

    The new UI is an much needed improvement over the old one,but please: When adjusting the volume in the Sound Menu, why restart the music when adjusting the volume? Just continue to loop it! I'm a Pinball Wizard, not a Scratch DJ!! And do I want to hear the "table menu" music looping...
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    Thoughts on the new iOS interface?

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    Season 2 table packs still missing in Europe

    I hope they fix that in the next update, or many might miss that they are finally out... T2 table works here...
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    Buy-In button iOS?

    It's more like a lacking feature than a showstopping bug (sorry for the pun). It's afaik, not only specific to IOS version either. However, changing the settings to 5-balls should be possible (but I guess you probably know that ;))...
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    Buy-In button iOS?

    The buy-in button is only reported to work in Jack-Bot table. The button is mapped on that table because it is also used during the game as well. In Road Show there sadly are no Buy-in button that can be pressed...
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    Predict season 5 lineup poll.

    Most likely, allthough both Zaccaria and Sega had their own Space Shuttles before Williams did theirs.
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    Cirqus Voltaire glitch on Xbox One

    But it also is one of the most accurate, as it simulates mechanical breakdowns quite well... :P Tonight I had several issues within the the same game on my PS4. "Sneakylock" doesn't properly register on CV, if that leads to problems I don't know, but with "sneaky" on the third ball, all 3...
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    Request General Wish List Thread

    Removal of the annoying cowbell (especially during HS name insert), or an option to remove software sfx that at the same time doesn't remove table sfx
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    Can you set up Buy-In options on Pro mode tables?

    The jackbot table uses the buy-in button when "cheating", so it is mapped on that table. (I've never seen a wpc table use the start button for buy in - only cancel it). If you've paid for accessing the settings, why not try it out?
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    First impressions

    Short but interesting clip about the creation of Xenon
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    SYSTEM 11 games

    If you wanna play pinball with you, you, you and yourself, you are most welcome to do so. I think though that most people doesn't.. Besides, if all four players gets take high score on 3rd ball, then the physics are definately questionable...
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    Bug No available content, whatever season...

    So the PS4 version of PA with the "new" season 2 tables downloaded silently while I was at work, but now every table whatever season, while trying to connect, claims there simply is no content. It's either not in the store yet or no longer available. Whats going on here? I hope I don't have to...
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    Gonna get a PS4... should I Get TPA?

    Especially if you're lucky to own the Glacier White edition... ;) But serious, tables are more playable with a PS controller than a freaking keyboard and night-lightning (what I call it) looks so sweet, especially the saucer in AFM. So the tables are a little expensiver than on Steam, but they...
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    SYSTEM 11 games

    Has there been any official comments about this game? Had one machine nearby as kid. Great theme, awesome Chris Ganner music, and loved the little police car Table was eplaced with an whirwind machine. Cool table too, love that pin now, but not something for a 10 year old. :p
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    What's Better, TPA or VP?

    TPA you can have one application installed on four different devices:your Ipad, your samsung phone, your gaming console and of course on your computer. VP you need to have three installments of the main .exe for the older tables to work correctly on one device only...
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    SYSTEM 11 games

    Earthshaker Cyclone Mousin' around Road Kings Space Station
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    What post addams family kickstarter

    I'm not so much into licenced tables, Stern or not. Indianapolis 500 will not be recreated, and Red and Ted's Roadshow might more likely make it withouth a kickstarter I guess. Stern tables are hard to find here, and if I do find one it's usually a broken pirates of caribean. So I guess I'm out..
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    Do you restart a game after a lousy ball?

    Quitting the table just makes me more unfocused, Ive found out. I prefer a left nudge, a right nudge, another left nudge and a final blow upfront... Nothing like a virtual pinrage, for old times sake... :) Then I can restart...

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