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    New Pinball FX delayed until 2022!!!

    Like seriously, just give a new god damn WMS pack to your customer on FX3 so the wait can be less draining... Was expecting a news of another halloween theme like Addams Family and Dracula, but no... an incredible delay... Were getting trolls, and not speaking about Pinball Arcade Party here...
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    My wish list for Pinball FX4 (for PlayStation 5)

    My wish when FX4 is getting release is that they have a minimum of 2 new WMS table packs. Nearly a year no new tables, its seriously getting long...
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    Pinball FX on Switch/PS5/XSX/PC. A mistake its not on old gen?

    Oh ok. I think i miss your interview. Its a bit of a sucker Sony and MS want content for their newer console, when availability is not there atm. Dont mind too much, i will get it for Switch, but knowing the difference just between the Switch and PS4, i cant imagine how much will be missing vs...
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    Pinball FX on Switch/PS5/XSX/PC. A mistake its not on old gen?

    Realize this, their next Pinball FX is coming to current gen console only , skipping PS4 and XBox. Im dont understand the reason behind this for Playstation and Xbox tbh. Hardware of the new generation is very hard to get, not that much console sold atm, which mean even less pinball fans, im...
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    Buying tables from Zen Pinball or Star Wars/ Marvel IOS apps?

    Want to buy some tables from Star Wars and Marvel on IOS, currently owning ESB in Star Wars app and can get Avenger for $1 with the Marvel App. Im just wondering if the Zen Pinball app works better for Star Wars and Marvel tables or its a better experience playing them on their own respective...
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    Zen does it again - “Zen Pinball Party” for Apple Arcade

    Funny thing, on my side its what i did, but on Switch. I got use of the somehow different ball physic compare to fx, but got use to it. And by trying them all, i found some pretty interesting tables to play.
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    Farsight support

    Im crossing fingers all my tables on PS4 will always be there. :(
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    Zen does it again - “Zen Pinball Party” for Apple Arcade

    Im going to laugh like crazy if i see Tarek Oberdieck leading all the leaderboards of these tables! :D. Poor kids trying to catch him up! :D
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    Farsight support

    Well, they have licensing problems with Gottlieb games? Wonder if they still own the right for them.
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    Zaccaria Rewards Pinball. Missing 4 tables which ´copies’ the layout of old pinballs.

    Ok, so far i got 7 after some search, to know which tablea from the past Magic Pixel copy a bit to reproduce their rewards pinball. Here is the list: - Mummy : Count-Down - Aliens : Dracula Stern - Hippie : Old Coney Island - Fire Fighter : Dolly Parton - Speed King : Sharpshooter Game Plan -...
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    Red Show. Whats WMS/Gottlieb look alike?

    Been playing Red Show, i think its a very fun old EM. But want to know if Williams,Bally, Gottlieb, etc have made a similar pinball during the days , like same layeout. Im sure iv seen this somewhere. Anyone got a clue?
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    The Pinball Show

    Got a feeling if they want to have new type of subscriptions, the pay to play model could be a way to bring Stern in. Arcades are shut down, not sure Stern is making money out of just selling to home fans. You know, if a new table from Stern get release both physicaly and digitally at the same...
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    Williams Pinball Volume 6

    Noticed its not list in the table guide, but for Space Station, shooting the single target to the right of the playfield randomises one of the rewards. To lit Space or Station, hold the left flipper and press the right one. It give you a better random to collect if you dont like the ones that...
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    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

    Na, SOON will be repleaced by VERY SOON !
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    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

    If the announcement is next week, we can guess a mid october release. Oh well. Surprise us and replace the SOON by NOW.
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    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

    Im starting to guess they are getting ready for next gen, ps5 and x1 and want to release next pack by november. Still its hard to understand wtf happen so they just release 1 pack this year. Its a major disappointment.
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    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

    The thing i hate the most in a RPG is grinding.
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    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

    Oh wow, pardon my ignorance, didnt knew Zen already was having exclusive stuff on Epic store. But for pinball, not sure it is a great idea to have specific dlc on each platforms. Im just not also seeing Epic as strong as Steam, perhaps they take way less royalty than Steam, but, if as example...
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    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

    Epic Fail incoming if it happen lol. Seriously. No way i see Zen switching to Epic.

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