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    Windows 10

    It will - it works just fine in Windows 10 in both DX9 and DX11 modes.
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    Will High Resolution textures be include for PC Season 1 and 2 games in DirectX11 ?

    You need to try it. Having moved to 4K last year on my main PC, all I can say is that regular 1080 screens look like a fuzzy mess now. Similarly there's a massive difference between 1080p video and 4K video - the latter is almost like looking through a window it's that sharp. 4K is *crisp*...
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    DX9 to DX11 Screenshot Comparisons

    It runs at a steady 60 FPS. The GPU is a single GTX 980, running on an i7-5930K.
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    DX9 to DX11 Screenshot Comparisons

    Some more, in portrait at 4K. High Roller: Firepower: Cirqus Voltaire...
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    DX11 Public Beta Bugs

    The new build is fantastic - the graphics are now as pin-sharp in DX11 at 4K as they are in the DX9 version. There are still some formatting niggles with the UI though:
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    DX9 to DX11 Screenshot Comparisons

    Yup, they're taken before the latest patch. Here's what it looks like at 4K at the moment:
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    DX11 Public Beta Bugs

    Firstly, thanks for getting this beta out! It's good to see how much better the lighting looks under DX11. I've spotted a few glitches though: * The config utiliy isn't DPI-aware and came up with the wrong screen resolution (in the same way the Steam client thinks my resolution is lower than...
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    timeframe on dx11

    Windows 10 is a few months away and as it's a free upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8 it'll see huge adoption once it's out. A savvy company would be planning DX12 software right now, as it'll be a large potential userbase.
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    Pinball Arcade in 4K Resolution with new nvidia driver

    For reference, here's what it looks like running at 4K - actual 4K, as opposed to resized 4K! All settings were at max for this (cropped) screenshot: The tables look good, but the UI is all over the place at 4K.
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    timeframe on dx11

    Either the Titan Z (the card no-one will admit to buying!) or the R9 295X2 are the fastest consumer card, not the 980. Single-chip wise, then yes, the 980 takes some beating. However, the 980 is only based on a midrange chip. The "full fat" chip which will doubtless be in a card called the...
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    Game Order

    What's the ID for Ace High? :p (The resource files for it are included with the Steam version, but there's no way to load it in-game)
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    1st time desktop buyer....please help me!!

    FWIW, I run Pinball Arcade on two desktops - both cobbled together from various bits and pieces: * An i7-2600K (quad-core, 3.4GHz) with 16GB RAM and an nVidia Geforce GTX 670. (Windows 8.1 x64) It absolutely flies on this, but then again it ought to! * A Pentium G860 (dual-core, 3.0 GHz) with...
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    timeframe on dx11

    It's Windows/386 (when it comes to the colour schemes used for the windowing system, having lost Aero Glass between release preview and release) It's Vista (when it comes to icons) It's Windows 7 (when it comes to Media Player, which still has shiny Aero-glassesque icons. Oh, except it won't...
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    Questions About Running PBA on PC at 1920x1080

    The main PC used for pinball in our household is a Pentium G860 (at 3 GHz). I can't imagine that a G620 would make too much difference. The graphics card in that PC is a Geforce GTX 460, which is roughly equivalent to a GTX 650 in modern terms. I've played a bit on my laptop, with a GTX 560M -...
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    What are "Trading Cards" and what is the use of them ?

    After buying the season packs I had plenty of cards but not quite enough for a set. I bought the one card I was missing (having sold off my duplicates), created the badge and got a Star Trek background. I sold that for £6. Not bad for a minute's work!
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    Timeframe on DX11 (Side Debate on the Effects of Piracy)

    Good luck with that. Do you know how cracks work? At their most basic, it's simply finding the code that checks for DRM and skipping it. All that's needed then is for a pirate to ZIP up the files along with the patch and bam, a pirate copy. It's simply not worth going overboard with protection...
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    PC - Request Missing features - PC port

    That just shows you whether DirectX 11 is installed - which it will be by default on Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. Vista users have to install DX11 separately. As for whether your graphics card supports it, the minimums are: Geforce 400 series (except 405) Radeon HD 5000 series Intel HD graphics...
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    Has anyone heard if the Pro-Packs will be a part of the Steam sale?

    Here's an example of some of what our household spent on pinball games in the 90s, when there were dozens of packs being released: 1994 Epic Pinball, £60 - 13 tables Pinball Dreams, £30 - 4 tables Pinball Fantasies, £30 - 4 tables 1995 Pinball Illusions, £30 - 4 tables Pinball Dreams 2, £20...
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    Table Pack 20 Announced! Cue Ball Wizard™ and El Dorado City of Gold™

    "You sure need that ramp shot!" I've fond memories of playing Cue Ball Wizard around 15 years ago as part of the Microsoft Pinball Arcade (which had a table from each decade from the 40s to the 90s - Cue Ball Wizard was the 90s table). Here's what state-of-the-art looked like in pinball...
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    Looking for an OLD PINBALL/FLIPPER GAME... Help me please!

    Yes, that'd be the Barbarian table from Balls of Steel. It's a woman's voice that says "My Hero". The Saloon table is definitely Psycho Pinball and you can get there via the main Psycho table (as well as launching it directly).

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