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    Sale speculation thread

    Why wait on sales just buy them if you want them. Sales is just a mindtrick anyway :)
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    Anyone still playing?

    I just reinstalled pinball arcade. I seem to have a nostalgy thing going on I just like the arcade version more versus fx steep tables. But the new bundles is frustrating. If I buy new tables I have to rebuy half of the tables I already owns. The real showstopper is last action hero which cant...
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    Pinball FX (4) is EPIC Exclusive and Unreal Engine

    What launcher they use don´t really matter all that much in the end. I don´t understand why the move is necessary if they aren´t going to support VR anyway. If they would merge pinball fx 3 with pinball fx vr they would have a real winner in my book and it would be a solid step forward. I...
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    ...I have a hard time playing Pinball Arcade after Zen Pinball.

    zen pinball has always been developing. Pinball arcade stagnated a long time ago and they just get bad cheap licenses and tables the last seasons. I boot up try and find it´s another old non attractive pinball. Since stern and williams will be removed I tried them but found none I wanted to...
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    Pinball FX2 VR for Oculus Rift

    Almost twice the cost but most definiatly worth it. The visual experience is so so much better then real pinball machines. I feel that comparison is much more valid then the 2D counterpart tbh. Was running a bunch of real pinball machines this weekend on an event. All the ambient stuff together...
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    Pinball FX2 VR for Oculus Rift

    I was about here and go and moan about there is never any updates. Can´t wait to buy it then. I am hesitent to buy tables for 2D because I really want to run everything in VR.
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    Pinball FX3 announced!!!

    VR support from get go?
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    Any guess when the next TPA table will be released?

    I hope they will release a season with only high profile expensive and interesting licenses. Noone older then 92 perhaps. Played Ghostbusters today and loved it. Mostly due to the tunes. My second wish would be an all star collection for VR. That is what I would wish for most of all. Maybe...
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    Pinball FX2 VR for Oculus Rift

    Almost but I am lazy will sit in my chair :D
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    Pinball FX2 VR for Oculus Rift

    Anybody know if there is any plan for touch support? I think it would be cool if you sit in a chair with armwrests you can have the buttons pretty much where they would be irl and if you have an office chair on wheels you could get some interesting tilt action going. Or just hold a table with...
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    Pinball FX2 VR for Oculus Rift

    Paranormal is really good. Though hard to get anywhere.
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    Marvel’s Women of Power pack

    I have to many zen tables by now. They are all starting to feel generic. But you can´t dig deep in the trial versions. Second table with all the loops may feel a bit two constricted. Though there is something special about loops.
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    Zen Sale

    Yeah that was a good sale. It´s a bit tricky though because you never know what table will come to the ultimate superior pinball fx vr.
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    Pinball FX2 VR for Oculus Rift

    Even if you purchased them. I got both the rift and vive trying to get something going with revive but it don´t start? Do I need to run some revive injector or something?
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    Pinball FX2 VR for Oculus Rift

    Fantastic with the new tables. Just Biolab that seem a bit repetitive and blaha. I wonder for future releases will they release it for pinball FX VR directly?
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    Alien Tables coming

    Any chance to get these tables into Pinball FX VR? Still only three tables for that and they are all inhouse licenses. I would urge any pinball fan to consider like crazy getting a VR headset like the Rift or Vive. Even just the regular tables feel so much more immersive to play and the latency...
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    Pinball FX2 VR for Oculus Rift

    Got my Rift bought fx vr first thing and boy how close to the real experience.
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    Pinball FX2 VR for Oculus Rift

    Got my Vive tried FX2 in theater mode and just that was a great experience.
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    Pinball FX2 VR for Oculus Rift

    What is the odds for Vive support?

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