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    iOS - Bug HoF Points - latest update

    After trying to Restore HoF - I then tried Restoring Data - and that worked in terms of Restoring HoF
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    iOS - Bug HoF Points - latest update

    HoF Points have zeroed and when I restore them, the app crashes. Everyone else having this issue?
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    Slowdown issues on Switch PBA

    On some camera angles, on certain tables such as Scared Stiff - there is still major slowdown as to make the table/s unplayable. Will this be fixed? Could this type of issue be fixed after the Williams/Bally license is up?
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    Bug iOS touch scheme broken

    Yeah - can we get this small bug ironed out quickly with an update. It’s highly annoying. Thanks Farsight.
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    It's Jan. 7th 2018 & SPA for iOS still has a huge, ugly joystick overlay from Nov. 2

    Ripley’s lights are not lit well and the colouring is very different to Pinball Arcade version - or am I crazy?
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    Nintendo Switch version

    From other sources (ResetEra) - you don’t need to own the other version of the table. Indeed, you get both if you purchase the Limited Edition.
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    Patch 1.19 NA and 1.20 EU

    Thanks for this post - very encouraging that Farsight have someone willing to engage with the community to such a degree.
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    Nintendo Switch version

    Both. It’s released digitally today on eshop and has been available on cartridge for over a week. Really loving this version - just need to add online leaderboards.
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    Nintendo Switch version

    I’ve been playing most evenings - personally, I’m very happy with it. Seems like the first time I have been genuinely pleased with a Farsight product on release. The graphics look the same as the PS4 version, lower res because I’m playing on handheld and haven’t tried docked. I assume 720...
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    Nintendo Switch version

    It doesn’t have tate mode. Have to say - seems good all round. Seen a few other impressions from other people on forums and they’re of the same opinion as me. I’d like a couple more camera options, but this is the same as PS4 - so that’s not gonna happen, I assume. It has 11 tables - all the...
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    Nintendo Switch version

    Oops double post - reply underneath.
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    Nintendo Switch version

    So, just got this through the post. Hmmmm, seems very good. Only tried handheld mode. I’ve tried Ghostbusters and Mustang - and they seem to be working as they should, although I’m not a table expert, just a Farsight sim expert if you see what I mean. The ball is shinier than PS4 version...
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    Nintendo Switch version

    I’ve caved and ordered this. I’ll let you know what it’s like on Monday evening, when I pick it up.
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    Nintendo Switch version

    Has anyone bought this? Came out (in the UK) today. I didn’t pre-order, first time I haven’t bought a Farsight product immediately. After all these years and hundreds of pounds, they’ve lost my faith. Still interested to hear impressions though.
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    Ghostbusters fix is on iOS app store

    I’m assuming at some point my SPA unlock of Ghostbusters will be cross play in TPA, right?
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    A Plea To Farsight: Quality Control Needs To Improve, Respect Your Customers

    Agree - it’s a disgrace how Farsight treat its customers. Because it’s a niche, most of us have spent hundreds of pounds (dollars!) across different platforms and years on, the same old problems are apparent. We support Farsight, it would be great if they reciprocated.
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    When are we supposed to be getting Ghostbusters?

    It has different problems - missing textures for example. Farsight have also added a ridiculous joystick overlay that I can’t seem to get rid of.
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    Ghostbuster now on iOS. Report problems here.

    This is a farce - I’ve been waiting for SPA to update and then textures are missing and there’s a big circular ‘joystick’ overlay on all of the tables. Farsight need to get rid of that. Nearly done with all of this - this is years of incompetence now.
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    Paragon is up for iOS

    23 or 24 tables have been tweaked or had the newer flipper physics added. I wish Terminator and Twilight Zone had the newer flippers added though.

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