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    When are we supposed to be getting Ghostbusters?

    You people (that's right I said it) with the table already, please go post in your strategy thread and leave us doom and gloomers alone, because you already supposedly got it. Thank you kindly! It's already depressing enough coming back to this thread time and time again with no news, now I...
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    Best place for pinball in Portland, Oregon?

    GROUND KONTROL no direct link but look it up here: first floor is vids, 2nd floor is pins, full bar, lots of fun! wife and i went a few years back and were there for the 4th, we went to this place twice in the 5 days we were there...
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    Strange emails from Farsight

    If you can give them the e-mail headers and content that'd be best because that will be the most telling to their IT infrastructure folks!! If you were in Outlook I'd say save it as a .msg file and attach because that would include headers. Not sure about all the free providers' websites we...
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    Season 7 most wanted.

    Here's what everyone wants, no more flippin gottliebs. I own a SFII and trust me once space is an issue it's going to be the first to go. It's not that gottliebs aren't no fun at all, they just pale in comparison to, well everything else. If that's all you guys got left seriously you should...
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    Does anyone know when Stern Pinball Arcade will finally be released for Steam?

    Thanks for the update folks, really look forward to it! Can't wait to learn the rules proper on AC/DC,StarTrek,Mustang.
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    Request Street Fighter II (Gottlieb, 1993)

    I own the actual table and I do like it more than the Zen version as well but I gotta say I think you guys would be really disappointed with this on TPA. Every shot on the table brings the ball to a complete stop. That combined with the not-as-real-world-as-one-would-hope physics means the...
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    DX11 HELP! "PinballArcade11.exe has stopped working" Close Program

    Uncle hooked me up with a GeForce GTX 560 (Zotac) that he had sitting around. I can crank the settings all the way on the DX11 tab and it still runs smooth. Card runs for $75 on eBay.
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    DX11 HELP! "PinballArcade11.exe has stopped working" Close Program

    Thanks Jeff! Is there a chart anyone is aware of off hand that shows DX11 and greater cards or is it pretty much everything nowadays and I'm just THAT far behind? The card I got was given to me so I haven't had to look this stuff up in quite a while, any direction is appreciated!! SCRATCH...
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    DX11 HELP! "PinballArcade11.exe has stopped working" Close Program

    Faulting application name: PinballArcade11.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5543f37b Faulting module name: nvwgf2um.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x5116d87b Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x0018aeee Faulting process id: 0x151c Faulting application start time...
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    DX11 HELP! "PinballArcade11.exe has stopped working" Close Program

    Good Evening Folks! I can't get it to work with portrait or landscape. I get the pop up to back up my save file then after I click OK I just get. I've been sifting through the gigantor threads for about half hour and don't immediately see anything related: PinballArcade11.exe PinballArcade.exe...
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    The Addams Family - Progress Thread

    That'd be a smart trend to continue, lots of people get paid on Fridays and that way they'd maximize the Fridays for the duration of the Kickstarter!
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    Extreme Oversight In Real Table Play From TPA Physics, What Else Could I Be Missing?

    Please excuse me if this is somewhere else already I was having a hard time finding it. I haven't been playing as much recently but do pretty alright on TPA. Gotten top say 100 scores on alot of tables, top 20 on maybe 3 on steam. Started in a league recently and one of the players...
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    Somehow made the finals in my first pinball tournament...preparation?

    This has some helpful info you don't see everywhere:
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    The Addams Family - Progress Thread

    Will gladly give some $ to this! Glad to see its getting closer!!
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    (An attempt at) The top 40 TPA players from leaderboard scores

    Hello! I just started tracking not that long ago and thought, wth i'll share :) , currently around 845 Name Rank Black Rose 2 10.9b Black Knight 2000 4 90m Fish Tales 20 992m Cirqus Volatire 20 437m Cue Ball Wizard 28 2.1b Goin' Nuts 35 6.9m El Dorado 43 2.8m Class of 1812 51 71m Big Shot 125...
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    Got a Taxi! Magic Eraser and Wax ONLY

    Back and forth with the wood grain is my understanding. Just got the plastic set (and found out there's a film on the back and front of the reproduction plastics, opened up the package and about flipped out lol so FYI). Got the left ramp, flipper kit / coils, cleaners... just need the right...
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    Buying my first real machine

    Hey I see you're on the hunt! I got a couple machines over the last few years now and was definitely very green with this too so know where you're coming from a bit. To transport you're going to want to remove the legs, take out the backglass/translite and fold the head down (two bolts...
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    New Metallica Pinball CODE UPDATE!

    Definitely looking forward to this, don't own one but I'm an old Metallica fan and its definitely on the list. Got a few places to play it around here so hopefully they get this installed pronto! Thanks!!
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    There are only three things better than pinball...

    Thats easy, sex drugs and rock and roll :)
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    Got a Taxi! Magic Eraser and Wax ONLY

    Just got a couple more parts to get before we remove some things to get back there for a good cleaning, will let you guys know how it goes. Going to have to be really careful because theres more than a couple spots where some paint is gone and I don't want to make it much worse if at all if...

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