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    Stern Pinball Arcade available now in the Play Store, early thoughts

    The cameras are really bad on my galaxy tab s2. At least for Star trek. All cameras cut off most of, if not all the flippers. Can't adjust volume in game. Interface is just bad all around.
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    Stern Pinball Arcade

    OK, I have tried this out. First, let me say I am VERY pleasantly surprised this is available for the GearVR. When Farsight announced VR support, I assumed it would only be for Rift / Vive. You must set your expectations, as this is running on a phone, not a powerful gaming PC. That said, I...
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    Graphical Updates For Season 1 & 2 Tables?

    I really hope this happens. Some of my favorite tables are in S1 and S2, and they much need an art upgrade (as well as physics 3.0 as others have mentioned on non PC platform).
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    Season 5

    Has anyone noticed Amy fixes to,older tables, or flipper physics being added? Or is this just the new tables?
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    Farsight, we're breaking up - It's not me, it's you...

    Latest Android distribution numbers are in. Really seems like no need to support anything less than 4.0 going forward, and maybe really even 4.1 Jelly Bean.
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    Pro Pinball

    Did something happen? I don't follow the ProPinball news very closely, and have no iOS devices so I havent been able to play. But I had been hoping this was going to come out for PC or Android. It looked like they were pretty close.
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    Zaccaria Pinball - (MEGA) update v3.4.2 [iOS/Android]

    That is the beauty of Zacc, its so customizable. I too use a very low glow setting. Having sliders for everything is so nice. If your willing to spend a bit of time with them, you can customize things to your personal preferences. I am still blown away with what they accomplished with their...
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    Zaccaria Pinball - (MEGA) update v3.4.2 [iOS/Android]

    That is exactly why I never brought up the issue as I dont know how it is suppused to act. I would describe the behavior I see as maybe there should be a little more force on the top and bottom of the slings. Its almost like the sling is really weak, except for a more central hit. I do like...
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    Zaccaria Pinball - (MEGA) update v3.4.2 [iOS/Android]

    I have always noticed strange behavior on the slings as well. I have never played a real Zacc so I don't really know how they should behave, but I have always thought that there was a problem. The main problem i see is what you reported, the ball just sort of dropping down like the sling did...
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    Zaccaria Pinball - (MEGA) update v3.4.2 [iOS/Android]

    Hopefully word of mouth will start spreading the news. I know a lot of people don't like these EM style tables (I used to include myself in that) but Zacc has totally changed my mind. They derserve much more than 5000 at this point!
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    Zaccaria Pinball - (MEGA) update v3.4.2 [iOS/Android]

    Zsolt, You and your team continue to impress! love the update. With the new FPS counter and performance optimizations, I was able to figure out what was giving my Nexus 7 2013 performance issues, and was able to tweak the settings to my liking and still get 60 FPS (59 according to the counter...
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    Zaccaria Pinball - (MEGA) update v3.4.2 [iOS/Android]

    My Nexus 7 2013 is having frame rate issues with the new options turned on. Hopefully there will be some performance tweeks coming. In the meantime, I'll play. Around to find the best combination of options. Love my N7, but maybe its time to go Shield...
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    Farsight, we're breaking up - It's not me, it's you...

    I have to disagree a bit here. While I would welcome Farsight going back and giving us the existing tables all prettied up with a new engine with improved lighting and physics (in particular, flipper physics), in no way would I expect or think that would happen. We are talking over 50 tables...
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    Farsight, we're breaking up - It's not me, it's you...

    Of course its not responsible to stop supporting an OS / hardware device that used to be able to run the product. However, adding new features and such should not be expected to run on older hardware. I know this get tricky as TPA is a platform. That is why I mentioned maybe starting at...
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    Farsight, we're breaking up - It's not me, it's you...

    Completely agree. If the reason you are not giving 90%+ of your userbase new features / better graphics just because you still want to support the <10% of users on Gingerbread, that just doesnt make sense. Maybe its time to draw a line in the sand - say with the completion of Season 4, only...
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    Zaccaria Pinball - (MEGA) update v3.4.2 [iOS/Android]

    Wow, this looks simply amazing. Can't wait. You guys continue to impress with these updates.
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    Pinball Arcade with SweetFX - lightness control, bloom, etc.

    Wow, great thread!! Some very good ideas here. This gives me some hope for the future....haven't felt that way for a long time. Very cool!
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    Xbox One Bug List

    I know. This is the first table I played after the update to gauge how the bug fixes went. And yep, it did gauge accurately.
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    Farsight, we're breaking up - It's not me, it's you...

    Going back and making all camera consistent would be one thing that probably wouldnt take too much time, and would make a huge difference in presentation. It definately is a glaring issue.
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    Farsight, we're breaking up - It's not me, it's you...

    Totally agree with everyone in this thread. Zacc has certainly shaken things up and shown us what advanced lighting can really do for a game. I can't see myself ever giving up on TPA, just becuase these are the tables I know and love. While I do enjoy EM's, I still prefer the late 80's tables...

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