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    Zen has listened to me on the issue of random rebounds.

    I noticed a funny thing. sometimes i rewind to save an outlane drain, and then it goes down the inlane without me needing to do anything. This proves that a rebound involved in the drain was randomized. I've been saying all along that this is the right way to cheat on digital pinball physics...
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    Experiences with free tables so far on Pinball FX early access.

    In the order i've played them. Creature. this is actually well done. You just know you can hit the shots, but you choke often enough to cause trouble. clean ramp shots work, and the bumper feed is very kind except when it just happens to shoot out fast. Very fair, but you still have to work...
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    Bug Master issues lists are not getting updated.

    For example Elvira has listed "Party Punch 975,00" as a RED bug. i know for a fact that this is working as designed (purple bug). The real game does this when you are at the extra ball cap. It does award the points (97,500) displayed, and resets the party punch ramp. The result is certainly...
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    Bug Master issues forum is wayyy out of date.

    A small smattering of updates for it. Elvira and the Party Monsters: the "Party Punch 972,00" bit is absolutely not a bug, confirmed by me in real life. When the table is at the max stacked extra balls limit, this happens. Anyone who owns this table can confirm it. Working As Designed. Taxi...
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    Swords of Fury Strategy Guide

    The main points in this game are lionman, jackpot, and ogres alley at 500k. Bonus is also decent. You can only collect 500k ogres alley once per game. with that in mind, collect at the start of multiball during 3x scoring for a cool 1.5 million. Multiball never gets any harder to start, and...
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    Premier switches.

    A possible cause of the weirdness. They use something called a smart switch. these switches sent an electric pulse when flexed. The result is when a target is dropped,it sends a switch PULSE. When a rollover is rolled over, it sends a switch pulse. The software expects smart switches to send...
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    Pinball arcade dx11 on a budget.

    my current laptop cannot handle dx11, though it does handle the normal version just fine. 1) cheapest prebuilt pc that will run dx11 well 2) cheapest laptop that will run dx11 well 3) how to prebuild a desktop and (1080p) monitor to run this game well on dx11 cheap. 4) are any super bargain pcs...
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    Strategy (aka how to pwn)

    1) if the ball is launched from the right side, hold both flips up for a catch on the lower left. 2) if ball is launched from the left side, let it go and then hold the right flipper up. it will go down the inlane. 3) you can send the ball around the loop from the upper flippers. this is a good...
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    Goal sugestions for future games. confirmed and unconfirmed.

    HS2: NOrmal 1) Collect a speed million. 2) Collect Burn RUbber 3) Complete Video Mode 4) collect an extra ball 5) Lock a ball. Wizard 1) Collect a super jackpot. 2) start redline mania. 3) collect the tunnel special. 4) collect a 10 million speed millions value 5) start Secret Mania :) F-14...
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    Obligatory strategy thread. :)

    1) TNT multiball is your friend, and you can easily get time back. if you get kicked out of the board by an alarm, and the cellar is a poor choice for a starting spot, take TNT multiball instead. Even if you would get a good board position, it's often the better play to take TNT multiball if...
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    Strategy for this table.

    1) learn what modes are worth playing and what ones are not. Worth playing 1) Mardi Gras. Just keep shooting fire in the hole. you score will shoot up pretty fast if you have the one time down. you will get over 100 million on this mode. 2) Atlanta. one time it into fire in the hole, then...
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    How to tournament difficulty a game.

    General adjustments first. 1) disable extra balls. Unless it's an em that really needs them on. 2) set slingshots on a hair trigger. This stops many hold traps. 3) open outlane posts to the max. In extreme cases remove them completely. 4) enable tournament mode. 5). Adjust slope and...
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    Request A new way to deal with leaderboard hackers.

    instead of removing their scores, flag their score as cheated. so the leader boards would say something like Cheater: (cheaters score and name) 1) first place legit score and username Cheater you get the idea. Or shoe the cheated scores at the bottom, regardless of score. in fact if a score...
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    Shoot the spinner and the tube ramp. :) Nudge the ball into the upper saucer. Use well timed nudges to pick up the upper rollovers. Oh, and IF the drop targets are lit for extra ball, consider shooting them. And, that's it. really.
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    Request Update master issues forum please?

    seems like it hasn't been touched for a while. many bugs need their status updated, for example.
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    Jack*Bot thread. (forum is missing for the game)

    SO it's got some tough wizard goals. :) The 1 billion casino run one just requires luck and persistence, pure and simple. The super jack bot is done by shooting a ball into the visor in multiball right after shooting the first one in. Best done by trapping a ball on each flipper, adn backhand...
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    WIsh I had gotten in on the tuning...

    Open vault wayyyy too easy to hit. kickouts wayyyy too friendly. Looks like when i get my code i'll be touring the mansion on ball one like that gameplay video... Just like every other lawlor table in TPA, this one is way too easy. :( The difficulty of the vault shot and the difficulty of...
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    PC - Bug Free End of the Road goal for overshooting skillshot.

    As soon as I had wizard goals unlocked, overshooting the skillshot gave me the goal #5. Not sure if this is reproducible, because I don't want to reset my stars.
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    Strategies and tricks.

    1) a tilt warning stops the 10X timer until a major shot, which does not include the WOOC, lane is hit. well known exploit 2) often after a shot to the ozone ramp, if you hold the flipper up it will land on the lowered opposite flipper. a well times flip will send it back up the ramp. 3) a hard...

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