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  1. Gorgar

    Stern Godzilla Teaser

    Just saw a teaser on the official Godzilla Instagram page. “The King arrives. Conquering soon ... #Sternpinball” I’ll be really excited if it’s based on the classic Japanese films and not the current Legendary reboot.
  2. Gorgar

    Champion Pub Skillshot upgrade

    In Champion Pub, how do you upgrade the skill shot? I go for the smart punch almost every time (twice I went for the ? Door) and it doesn’t upgrade.
  3. Gorgar

    Custom Ball Guide

    I decided to make this guide for all of the custom balls in TPA for several reasons. Since Farsight lost the WMS license, they have been forced to remove certain ball packs and repackage others. Like the new seasons, some of the ball packs require you to purchase balls that were previously...
  4. Gorgar

    Request Make it easier to get new tokens

    I have a request that I am hoping everyone can get on board with. Generally, the pinball machines in Pinball Arcade is supposed to be easier than their real life counterparts to make them more accessible to casual players. However, earning new tokens in Safecracker is actually harder in TPA then...
  5. Gorgar


    I didn't see anyone mention this, but with the recent update that adds pro mode to CFTBL allows you to turn family mode off. This means that you can now perform Fatalities on the peeping Tom. I already tried it and it works! If you are not familiar with this Easter egg, start the video mode and...
  6. Gorgar

    Batman/DC license table rumor thread

    I'm bored, so I decided to start a rumor. Yay! If you hop over to the Zen forum, and there is a thread where a user asks about when a new table announcement will be made. The community manager respones by referencing Batman. And that is the basis for my rumor. Here is the link...
  7. Gorgar

    Update Tomorrow?

    I know that there will not be a new table this month, but does anyone know if there is going to be an update tomorrow (or possibly next Friday) with updates to older tables?
  8. Gorgar

    New Official Poll: Pick the first table of season 7

    Farsight just posted this on their Facebook Looks like it will be either Paragon or Embryon. Two great tables. How am I supposed to pick between the two?
  9. Gorgar

    Help! Cliffhanger Loops Wizard Goal

    While I have seen people discussing the wizard goals for Dr. Who around here (particularly the 300M Davros Jackpot), I haven't really seen anyone talking about the 50 Cliffhanger Loops wizard goal, which I think is even harder. I think the highest I got was 20 something. Does anybody have any...
  10. Gorgar

    Master List of Table Goals

    Note: I am only including the tables exclusive to Stern Pinball Arcade because the rereleases have the same exact goals as TPA. Star Trek (2013) Standard Goals •Earn a Medal •Earn an Extra Ball •Start Vengeance Multiball •Start Klingon Multiball •Start Galactic Away Team Wizard Goals •Earn...
  11. Gorgar

    PS4 trophies

    Yay! I already got 100% of the Stern Pinball Arcade trophies! I might even be the first one (some of those Frankenstein Wizard goals are tough) Now can we get some trophies for some of the DLC. Pretty please with a cherry on top? Mmm... Cherries Edit: I thought I posted this in the Stern...
  12. Gorgar

    iOS has different leaderboards than other platforms

    I noticed that the high scores for Big Hurt do not appear on the website when you filter by platform to iOS. I also noticed that the Eight Ball Deluxe leaderboards have different scores (lower) than a screenshot someone posted in the EBD subforum. It looks like iOS scores are being sent to a...
  13. Gorgar

    Sorting issue

    In the My Tables section, why is this table sorted under "B" (For Big) instead of "F" (for Frank) yet Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is sorted under "M" and Bram Stoker's Dracula is sorted under "B?" Is anyone else bothered by this, or just me?
  14. Gorgar

    Farsight at E3

    Farsight just posted on their Instagram account that they are at E3. That is all.
  15. Gorgar

    Bug Eye Ball custom ball not available to purchase on PS4

    Every other platform that I have played TPA on other than PS4 has an eyeball custom ball available for $1.00. Is this an oversight? Also, how about more custom balls based on tables from seasons 3-5? PHOF also had a pretty cool ball skin that looked like a globe.
  16. Gorgar

    Alien Tables coming

    Zen just announced that they have partnered up with fox to release 3 Alien related pinball tables. This is the first Zen license that I am actually excited about!!!
  17. Gorgar

    Table Pack #49 Speculation Thread

    It has been close to 20 hours since we have received the clue to table #48, and looking through the Unreleased Table section of the forum, I couldn't believe my eyes. No one has started a table #49 speculation thread. So here it is. My guess is that it will be A.G. Soccer-Ball. I am guessing...
  18. Gorgar

    Bug Table History Mistake

    If you read the table history for Xenon, as well as the first few pages of rules for Xenon, you will notice that it says that Xenon is the first solid state pinball table with multiball. However, if you read the table history for Firepower, you will notice that it says Firepower was the first...
  19. Gorgar

    License expiration for TZ, STTNG and T2

    Shortly after the Terminator 2 kickstarter, I remember reading that Farsight's licensing for TZ and STTNG was only for 3 years and T2 was for 2 years. That would mean that all three of these would expire this year unless Farsight renews these licenses. This is a problem for me as a PS3 user...
  20. Gorgar

    More Ghostbusters tables?

    Here's an interesting question: Do you think Farsight has the rights to make more original Ghostbusters tables? If Farsight ever does get a popular pinball designer to design a table for them, it would be cool if they can use the Ghostbusters theme (which IMO is cooler than any of the licenses...