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  1. Carl Spiby

    Guinness World Record Attempt in Aid of Charity

    A friend of mine is currently just over 6 hours into a 30 hour Pinball playing Guinness record attempt, he hopes to raise £5000 by 6pm tomorrow (Sunday 23rd Oct), half of the money will go to Prostate Cancer UK, the other half will go to Urology department at Walsall Manor Hospital which he...
  2. Carl Spiby

    Extremely slow table downloads

    Up until earlier this week table downloads worked fine, now they are extremely slow, I have a 40mbit connection and everything else is fine. This is a test done from my phone which I'm trying to download the tables on to. Do you currently have...
  3. Carl Spiby

    Arcade Club - Europe's Largest Arcade

    This weekend was the opening of the relocated Arcade Club which in the last 12 months, outgrew its previous location, twice! It's now in Bury, Manchester. This is now the largest venue of its kind in Europe, sporting over 200 video, pinball machines, consoles and computers (new and old). There...
  4. Carl Spiby

    8bitflip - The new competitive pinball show from the NLP

    Northern Lights Pinball and Arcade Club will be jointly running a pinball and arcade show this Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, Saturday 4th April and Sunday 5th April, at a venue in Northwich, England. WPPR Points are up for grabs. This event will feature a mixture of video gaming and pinball...
  5. Carl Spiby

    SL Casino Slot Games FREE Spins

    On the Google Play store it looks like they're using screenshots of Farsights AFM and BK tables to sell whatever crap they're selling, you might want to report them for copyright infringement.
  6. Carl Spiby

    Lack of good Android Pinball Games

    Seems like lately, all the pinball games seem to be getting a release on iOS and not seeing much love for Android, we're currently missing Zaccaria Pinball, the new game from color monkey and just recently, Time shock. Is it literally a numbers game? More iSheep so release it on there first...
  7. Carl Spiby

    Bug Mechanical sounds lost over task switching

    On switching out TPA then re-entering it, all mechanical sounds such as flippers and pops are lost.
  8. Carl Spiby

    Bug Some observations vs the real machine

    Having had the pleasure of having the real thing for a good six months, im more than qualified to pick up on these issues. The captive ball is rediculously hard to hit, it appears to need a pixel perfect shot to strike it. The lock shot although difficult on the real machine is very...
  9. Carl Spiby

    How to redeem codes?

    I personally don't own a PS4 but I need to have simple accurate instructions for doing so, could anyone please help?
  10. Carl Spiby

    International price variations

    I notice tapping through various tables that although they are all priced at $4.99, the GBP price varies by a good 20 pence in some cases. What is the reason for this?
  11. Carl Spiby

    Android version 1.30.2 bugs

    Version number has gone backwards from the 1.31 beta... Diner isn't very smooth even with MIP mapping on and detail set to low on the Nexus 10. Weird uncapped frame rate bug now if you come out the app then go back in, the physics feel like the ball is made of lead and all the light sequences...
  12. Carl Spiby

    I want ROOM SERVICE!

    My 'grail' arrived this morning :D Problem is, I cannot be arsed to set it up as I'm still pinballed out from a show we did last week. I need a new grail now :rolleyes:
  13. Carl Spiby

    I'm still here!

    I don't post anywhere near as much as I used to, that's because I'm in the fortunate position to have most of my time taken up with real machines, but up until around a week ago, I had 3 machines, 1 of which is on loan from a friend. I was in a little bit of a lull, yes its great having real...
  14. Carl Spiby

    Android - Request Junk Yard BETA

    I see iOS have it already, will we be getting it soon?
  15. Carl Spiby

    Android - Request Funhouse Frame rate Low

    On my Nexus 10 the ball movement on FH is not smooth, every other table is fine, this is the only one affected, setting detail to low and mipmapping to on doesn't appear to improve things.
  16. Carl Spiby

    backing up scores?

    I need to reset my tablet as its performing very badly, how do I ensure my high scores are backed up?
  17. Carl Spiby

    [UK] North East Retro Gaming 5th & 6th July 2014

    To be held for its second year on July 5th and 6th at Gateshead international stadium, there should be over 40 pinball and videos there along with retro console and computer games, last year was fantastic. This year I'm taking 3 pinball machines to show my appreciation and to give something...
  18. Carl Spiby

    WMS Industries Inc to re-launch their pinball division!!!

    Holy crap this is amazing news, someone at WMS has clearly been keeping tabs on what Stern has been up to and the dollar signs have been rolling past their eyes. They are mainly aiming for the collectors market but will be doing Pro versions for onsite use. The initial run of machines will be...
  19. Carl Spiby

    An "Ok, Ok, Ok!" Project

    I've bought my first machine - A Lethal Weapon 3. It was cheap, £400 (thats around $650), the story is that it was rescued from someones shed about 6 years ago, the previous owner took it home, got it all working and played it for 3 years, the last 2 years its just been sitting in his garage...
  20. Carl Spiby

    Bug Slow bonus count

    Music runs out before the bonus is counted, this doesn't happen on the real machine.

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