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    FX Players: How Do You Like Revised Arcade Physics?

    So, in addition to ray-tracing and 4K resolution, FX was supposed to bring revised arcade physics which was more realistic, i.e., 1. slower and more varied with Williams tables 2. faster overall for zen originals Do you find arcade physics more realistic in FX? I find FX3 to be extremely...
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    What Exactly is Zen Trying to Pull Here?

    90% of all reports indicate that FX is nothing more than a beta. The UI is a wreck, the game is so poorly optimized even the highest end gaming systems can't keep up, zen hasn't even proofread text within the game? 1th place?!? At this stage it should be free to download and play for at least a...
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    The Bizarre Polarization of the Zen Pinball Online "Community"

    The Zen Steam Forum is probably the most amusing but there are clearly elements of the internecine warfare on the FX3 reddit and other forums as well. On reddit, an FX3 mod referred to an article critical of zen pricing as "trash journalism." I thought mods were supposed to be moderate?!? The...
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    Indiana Jones on Mobile: Buy or "Earn?"

    There was no way to purchase tables outright in Williams mobile. You had to grind for parts and then either grind some more or pay after grinding. How will this table be accessible if you've already earned every other table? Can you use coins to purchase parts to acquire the table? I don't see...
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    120 Hz on Phone: A Necessary Upgrade?

    Williams Pinball on tablet at 120 Hz looks great. So much more realistic and fluid. At 60 hz, on a bigger display, the mobile version looks pretty bad. I find game play on a standard 60 hz on a phone (6" display) looks very good. I'm wondering if the upgrade to a 120 hz display on a...
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    Controller Input Errors on MacOS BigSur: Any Solution?

    Hey all, I have Williams pinball installed on IOS on an iPhone and iPad, on Android and also on OS X BigSur. I use a small app called Enjoyable which works beautifully to map PS3 and PS4 controllers for various pinball games. The app works well with Pinball Arcade and Zaccaria but I got lots...