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  1. Kolchak357

    Guns N Roses Pinball from Jersey Jack

    Looks pretty amazing!
  2. Kolchak357

    Rick and Morty pinball from Spooky Pinball

    Seems like a great theme for pinball. Only making 750 and they are already sold out!
  3. Kolchak357

    Stern Pinball - Elvira's House of Horrors

    Stern released a promo vid. We all knew this was coming.
  4. Kolchak357

    The Comic Video Thread

    Funny clip from Monty Python? Seinfeld on Johnny Carson? Your favorite Chris Rock set? Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live? Homer Simpson falling down stairs? Roseann Barr before she was a TV star? Fart Jokes? Bill Cosby standup before he mixed you a drink? This is where they all...
  5. Kolchak357

    The Munsters - New from Stern

    I think it looks amazing. Can’t wait to play one.
  6. Kolchak357

    Primus Pinball -New from Stern!

    Yes Primus fans the rumors were true. Stern is making a Primus pinball machine.
  7. Kolchak357

    Deadpool pinball from Stern

    Here’s the first look I have seen on this machine.
  8. Kolchak357

    Zaccaria Digital Pinball - Facebook news release

    The creators of the Zaccaria digital pinball games announced the following news on Facebook today. I know many of you enjoy these games but don’t go on Facebook, so I thought I’d share what they announced. ——————————————————————— Hey everybody, Today I will share some news about Steam...
  9. Kolchak357

    Modern Stern Music Pin Poll (non-official)

    Now I assume most folks would be interested in more than one of these, but my question is which one do you want the most? I think it’s fair to assume all would be the LE version if that influences your choice. AC/DC not included since we already have that fine machine in SPA.
  10. Kolchak357

    Pinfest Allentown- It's That Time Again!

    Next week May 4th and 5th, 2018 is Pinfest time again. I plan on being there for both days again this year. Anyone else plan on going? Anyone looking to buy any pins? Share your thoughts & plans.
  11. Kolchak357

    Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle

    Spooky is set to reveal their newest pin Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle this weekend at the Texas Pinball Festival. Very excited to see what they have come up with. Love the theme of a haunted/horror castle. And who better to be you host than Alice Cooper? Wish I could be in Texas to see it...
  12. Kolchak357

    Jersey Jack announces Pirates of The Caribbean

    Looks pretty fantastic imo.
  13. Kolchak357

    Total Annihilation

    How awesome is the light show on this pin?
  14. Kolchak357

    Bigfoot at Big Bear?

    I'm watching an episode of Finding Bigfoot called Bright Lights and Bigfoots, and they are talking about Bigfoot sightings up on Big Bear. So have any Farsight employees had a Bigfoot sighting? Other than on White Water of course. :D If anyone anywhere else in the world had a sighting...
  15. Kolchak357

    Aerosmith pin announced from Stern

    Looks fantastic imo. Only thing I don't love is that little upper playfield in the top right. Maybe the pro will be the way to go. Art and lighting looks drop dead gorgeous. Jack in the box opens for multiball, kinda like Stern Indiana Jones. Here is a link to a vid Stern posted on...
  16. Kolchak357

    Batman 66 coming from Stern!

  17. Kolchak357

    Summer Olympics 2016

    Thought we could use a thread for this. Want to discuss an amazing performance, who has the hottest volleyball team, a touching moment, trash talk up your country, talk poop levels in the water, or whatever, this is the place for it. Just watched the Australian ladies rugby team pound...
  18. Kolchak357

    Bingo style pins

    If you are into bingo style pins or maybe just want to give them a try. This is for PC and Mac. Haven't played them myself, but they certainly look very nice. Got the heads up on this from Don from the Pinball Podcast.
  19. Kolchak357

    Hurricane - first impressions

    The game seems to play well. Feels pretty good to me. But I just have to say what a great job the art team did with this one. It looks fantastic. And this is not an easy table to reproduce considering the busy art and that crazy ramp cutting across the playfield. Compared to season 1, the...
  20. Kolchak357

    Stern Ghostbusters on the way?

    There have been rumors for a long time about Stern making a Ghostbusters pin. Guess it's more than a rumor. Bravo Stern!