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    must have season 4 and season 3 tables?

    Looking to get a few new tables soon, need help, I wish to get 1 from season 3 and another from season 4. which two would you say I should get?
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    PinBall Fan Art.

    Couldn't think of where exactly this should go but I felt this was out of the way enough, Also I can't be the only person with some art skills here so I figured I'd start this thread with one of my own, A simplistic Ode to Funhouse, One of my fav games virtually and in Real life, Hope to see...
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    Question about lighting in game [PS4]

    Looked everywhere for this, sorry if answered before...anywho, I watch a lot of footage of Pinball Arcade being played on video sites [Youtube] and noticed how all of the game play seems to have darker background making the lights brighter, thus giving a more arcade real pinball feel, How is...
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    anyone else getting this? Help!

    I have the Digital Version, which starts up, authorizes, says connecting then goes to a black screen and nothing happens, what is going on? anyone know a fix? thanks
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    Table with Easiest and Hardest Wizard Goals?

    I am really gonna try to get all the wizard goals of season 1 and 2, I found the normal goals very easy to pass oddly enough, But boy what a big jump in difficulty when yea get to Wizard, which tables have the hardest and easiest wizard goals to you?
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    Tee'd Off or No Good Gophers? which is best? let the debate begin.

    if there is a debate, I frankly find Tee'd off a way better experience but I have not always been inline with the pulse of the gaming world.
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    Anyone know any secret codes for Tables?

    Just Learned about Lyman's lament for Monster Bash [Very cool] was wondering if there are any other codes known for tables
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    What Table do you play most? and why?

    Doesn't have to be favorite or even a guilty pleasure, just the table you go back time and time again to playing hour after hour.
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    Do you get anything for completing goals ? [Normal and or Wizard]

    Like Maybe a trophy or something, or a custom ball gets unlocked? thanks
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    Confused about sale -PS4

    I have read a sale was in effect that would half the prices of season packs 1 & 2, I see the price change on steam but not on my ps4, the packs are suppose to be 14.99 right? are the days different for ps4, if so what days do the packs become discounted? thanks for any help..Also I have bought...