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  1. Xanija

    Is the Williams license in better hands now? Would a wide variety of tables by TPA be

    The difference is quite noticeable. I'm a huge fan of sharp graphics.
  2. Xanija

    The Pinball Show

    My.Little.Pony. I would not have been able to sit there with a straight face, announcing this.
  3. Xanija

    Pinball FX (4) is EPIC Exclusive and Unreal Engine

    Just in case you didn’t recognise: No one will forbid your opinion here. But this doesn’t include personal attacks. And it doesn’t mean anyone has to agree with your opinion.
  4. Xanija

    Pinball FX (4) is EPIC Exclusive and Unreal Engine

    ODB123 Consider this your final warning. If I see any more attacks on a personal level from you, I will take out the ban hammer. Unless another mod is quicker.
  5. Xanija

    The Pinball Show

    Even if they give no reason at all for delaying - it’s their business, not yours. They are not accountable to you. Or did you invest money, buy tables which you have not received yet?
  6. Xanija

    The Pinball Show

    By the way, no mention on the future of mobile.
  7. Xanija

    Pinball FX (4)

    I meant not worth the investment on Zen's side. But if they feel it is worth it, happy to see them working on it. I haven’t heard anything about Zen and VR, but I admit I haven’t followed everything lately.
  8. Xanija

    Pinball FX (4)

    Subscription / Freemium is unlikely in my opinion. That doesn’t mean it won’t come, but I really hope not. I deleted Zen from my tablet for that reason. I think the show will stay. It will be one part of their communication strategy going forward, together with TikTok and Discord. VR is not...
  9. Zen Williams Pinball Volume 6 has been released

    Zen Williams Pinball Volume 6 has been released

    This brand new table pack contains 3 recreations from the era of alphanumeric tables. With Dr. Dude, Funhouse and Space Station we get some really interesting tables in our collection. We hope you enjoy them and give feedback about them in our forum. This pack is available on PS4, Xbox One...
  10. Xanija

    Nog that Zen

    Closed / double posting
  11. Xanija

    A free-to-play model that I feel could actually work for pinball.

    I would hate it. But then, I hate all "free-to-play" models.
  12. Xanija

    Comment by 'Xanija' in article 'Zen Studio Star Wars Pinball released on Switch'

    By the way: I'd love to spend $12 for a flip grip, but I hate spending $22 for shipping.
  13. Zen Studio Star Wars Pinball released on Switch

    Zen Studio Star Wars Pinball released on Switch

    Zen Studios released Star Wars Pinball on Switch on September 13th. The game comes with 19 tables and has some Switch-exclusive Features: Check out the release trailer here: Taken from the product description on Nintendo's shop page: NINTENDO SWITCH EXCLUSIVE FEATURES AND MODES In addition...
  14. Xanija

    Williams' Collection Volume 4 guesses

    Closing this thread, please continue to post your feedback here
  15. Xanija

    Williams Volume 4 *OFFICIAL* Game play thread

    Let us know what you think about the latest addition to Zen Williams Pinball containing White Water, Red & Ted's Roadshow and Hurricane.
  16. Zen Pinball FX3 Williams Volume 4

    Zen Pinball FX3 Williams Volume 4

    Volume 4 of Zen Pinball FX3 Williams pinball has been released! It contains White Water (1993), Red & Ted's Roadshow (1994) and Hurricane (1991). See announcement video here: Tables are available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Windows 10, Steam, Nintendo Switch and Mac. Also on the iOS...
  17. Xanija

    Pinball that has been featured on TV and in movies

    I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet: On Netflix, in the new series "Bonding", Episode 5 is partly playing in a pinball arcade. The actors are playing some games. One of the tables is Twilight Zone, I I recognized Fish Tales as well (actually I think there are two of them next to each...
  18. Xanija

    Planet Coaster (with added pinball!)

    Yeah, plus there are a few neckbreakers in that ride. I own this game, but I haven't played it a lot. You can do awesome stuff, but when you don't go with prebuilt stuff, it gets very time consuming.
  19. Xanija

    Williams Pinball App Data Collection

    For one coin you get ~17 tickets (worst rate) up to ~22 tickets (best rate). 250 tickets/coin would be a truly awful rate.
  20. Xanija

    Williams Pinball App Data Collection

    Offline play was even level 4