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    Table Pack #60 Speculation Thread

    New table and hint released today. Maybe Big Buck Hunter?
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    Stern PBA Update - You can enter your initials now... YAY!

    It's a step in the right direction. They need to seriously fix the insert lighting in ACDC. Can hardly see the FIRE lanes, hardly see the lightning bolts, and the multiball inserts are hard to see too. Just give it the LED treatment.
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    Master List of Issues: Stern Pinball Arcade

    Add this to the list of problems on iOS. When using the touchscreen to nudge, layout B does not nudge on the left and right sides, just the middle.
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    Doctor Who Kickstarter

    Does anybody know what it means when you buy the pro edition on iOS? It says you get Doctor Who and Doctor Who pro? 2 different tables or just the unlocked pro version. Confusing?
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    A new app on the way from Stern and Farsight

    Yes this is so awesome. I can now hopefully afford to buy Tron, SM, and LOTR. They definitely have to do LOTR!
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    First impressions

    I have the real machine and have the L5 rom, when multiball starts it should only release one ball at a time not all 3 at once.
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    BUG - The Getaway High Speed II

    When multiball starts it releases all the balls at once instead of one at a time. I don't think it matters which rom they use but this feature should be fixed.
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    High Speed 2 (The Getaway)

    Anyone notice when multiball starts it releases all the balls at once instead of one at a time? Don't know which ROM version they are running but I hope they fix this issue in a later update.
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    Version 4.5.0 TAF bugs

    Why is the bookcase base missing on my iPad mini w/retina display? The base is supposed to be present and blue in color as it is on my iPhone 5... Ball also goes through the left side of the bookcase to lock a ball...weird. Anybody else experiencing any problems with TAF?
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    Bug 4.4.1 Camera broken

    Keep up the ****ty updates Farsight and I'll stop paying money for these tables. Without us you go no where!
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    Lack of Addams Family info/news!!!???

    I for one think TPA is getting worse. Most of the tables are brutally fast and outlanes just kick your ass. It seems as I could play these tables before and get a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment but now most of the tables I enjoy are just ****ty physics and outlane drains are like magnets...
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    iOS - Bug 4.4.0 Crashes on plunge, many tables

    I agree, where is the updated fix? should have been released by now. I paid for an update that I can't's BS!
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    Bug Starship Troopers crashes upon plunging

    This is BS at the end of every game on any table the game crashes and resets plus you don't get credit for any of the table goals you completed on the previous game. I am not going to delete and reinstall, this should all be worked out before they release the update. WEAK!!
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    Bug Starship Troopers crashes upon plunging

    This fixed it for me, weird?
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    Starship troopers iPad mini problem

    All tables on the iPad mini w/retina are locked on camera view 1. Anybody else having this problem? Edit, changing the camera frm scrolling to fixed seemed to have fixed it
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    Bug Starship Troopers crashes upon plunging

    Just noticed all of my tables are stuck in the 1st camera view, not just SST. This is BS, now I can't play any tables until they get this updated. Plus all of my hall of fame points are gone too.
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    Bug Starship Troopers crashes upon plunging

    I think the problem is only present with the iPad mini w/retina display as it works on my sons iPad mini and my iPhone 5.
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    Bug Starship Troopers crashes upon plunging

    WTF, you can't change the camera angle, it's stuck in view 1 after the plunge.
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    iOS version 4.1.0 #3 (Phantom Of The Opera) Discussion & Feedback

    Yeah I beat the high score and yet my initials do not post to #1? Anyone else not getting credit for completing wizard goals as I completed double your score and it did not award that goal?

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