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    Paragon - first impressions

    I had a good game going. I shot two really good shots up the Valley of Demons with all of the drop targets down. Right before the hole, the ball put on the brakes and came back down to a SDTM. I know there was more than enough momentum that it should have made it. I really want to like...
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    Paragon - first impressions

    OK, here is my take... (Keep in mind, I'm playing iOS on iPad) My problem is not that it is "hard". My problem is that everything is so random there is virtually no point to it. I don't know how much of that is true IRL versus this re-creation. My issue is not with the table design. It...
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    Tips for 5 way combo?

    FWIW, I was able to pass to the right flipper for the No Way Out shot on iPad and get it. I held the left flipper up and hit it with the right on the pass. So, yes, you can use the right flipper for NWO but be quick about it.
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    Paragon is up for iOS

    I'm done until they fix it. Too broken.
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    Paragon is up for iOS

    Thanks, Kolchak.
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    Paragon is up for iOS

    Can somebody who has played Paragon IRL answer a question? Is the saucer detection this bad on the IRL table? Both the Paragon and Golden Cliff saucers are ridiculously picky.
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    Any guess when the next TPA table will be released?

    Yeah, Paragon is pretty tough. Standard goals easy -- got them in my first game. But, table is pretty hard. Eventually, I'll learn not to try a trap on the bottom right flipper. Not in love with it, so far. Initial thought "It's Genie with cool artwork". But, I'll give it some more play.
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    LAH Strategy thread

    For the first Wizard Goal (The Cousin Frank one), it was driving me crazy until I realized I could trap the first ramp shot and did not have to hit #2 on the fly. Got it, but that shot into center scoop was still tough. The shot I thought was best did not trigger but just gave me Chicken...
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    Crash :(

    It may have happened before, but I cannot remember the last time it crashed. I play on iOS. It crashes so infrequently to me that I hardly notice it. Compared to, say, the last MtG game I had which crashed constantly. It does like to lag at times, though.
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    Which table(s) would you recommend for a beginner, besides Scared Stiff ?

    I never put Teed Off in the easy category. But, probably because I hate it too much to care. Maybe I can try it again by putting it on mute. I agree with most of your choices. I think the only other one I raised an eyebrow on is TZ. But, once you figure out the shots, it isn't that bad...
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    TPA Tables You've Played For Real

    Honestly, not a lot of them. Mainstays for me are: High Speed Pinbot F-14 Swords of Fury Eight Ball Deluxe Whirlwind EarthShaker I could find places that had a couple of pins, but no true pinball rooms.
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    Crash :(

    Sorry, man. That blows. I've never had TPA crash on me. My biggest issue is getting hit with lag at a bad time when I have an incoming e-mail on my iPad. 150B is pretty sick. I suck at AfM. It's fun, I just can't rack up good scores on it.
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    Wizard Goals?!

    For me, the 5X was the SG that took forever. The WGs, comparatively, were pretty easy. You can get them with one good game. That's how Firepower is. 10 straight games of drains and then one where you kick butt.
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    Which table(s) would you recommend for a beginner, besides Scared Stiff ?

    I don't know why, but I seriously underperform on Attack from Mars. I remember one tournament I finished 3rd. I had a couple of firsts, several top 5s...and I was something like 40th on AfM. One time, I even exceeded the 20 min limit. Highest score I have ever had is about 25 mil and change...
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    Which table(s) would you recommend for a beginner, besides Scared Stiff ?

    The most important skill to learn, I think, is ball trapping. If you are going to focus on one thing, that is what I would recommend. Like most things, it will vary by table. Some machines actually punish you with drains for ball trapping. Genie and HH come instantly to mind.
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    Do you have any tips for playing Multiball ?

    Depends on the machine. If it is a relatively slow multiball, I'll try to do what others have suggested. Basically, trap a ball for shots and try to keep others out of the way. If it is a machine with a crazy fast multiball, I just focus on the flippers and try to keep the balls in play as...
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    180 sec standard goal - most difficult SG ever?

    This is the only SG I don't have, so, yeah, it ranks among the hardest. Just gave it a try. No goal but got my highest score: 3.2 million. Hearing about the WG on this table, not interested. It's the worst rated table on TPA for a reason. Update: Finally got it. All standard goals done...
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    Request Gottlieb Pro Football

    I agree. I could live without them, too. Just thought maybe that was a reason Farsight was reluctant to do a pitch and bat. When I was a kid, a pitch and bat always got my attention. Especially one with lots of different shots (double, triple, etc.) and a ramp for a grand slam.
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    Request Gottlieb Pro Football

    I love pitch and bat machines. Would be more than happy to get one or two in TPA. Figured biggest challenge would be coming up with 10 standard and wizard goals, but some later machines could accommodate that.
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    This table makes me want to chuck my tablet

    I have all tables and I'm only missing standard goals on three... Goin' Nuts Champion Pub (Stupid spittoon video) And this one -- The 5X. This table would be fun if it wasn't such an unrepentant drain monster. It's not unplayable like iOS Starship Troopers but it is close. Update: Finally...

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