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    zen pinball hd for android

    If you say, "Where did Whisper go?" to my niece, she says, "I haven't seen her anywhere." She's two.
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    Oh come on! This is just rude to your customers

    I've had Scared Stiff not show the high score UI in regular mod (I also own the pro table, but wasn't playing in pro mode). Basically I could move the cursor through the alphabet pushing the left or right side of the screen, but there were no buttons showing, so couldn't enter any initials.
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    Ball through flippers bug is now fixed

    Very nice! I seemed to encounter this more when in a multiball mode and flipping when two balls were vertically directly above a flipper. The ball touching the flipper would pass through and I'd hit the upper ball. Glad it's fixed!
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    GOLDENEYE is mine!!! (It's all your fault SKILL_SHOT) IMO :)
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    How Many Pinball Manufacturers Could The Industry Support?

    Yep, but it's not on the strip. :) I'll have to check it out next trip.
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    How Many Pinball Manufacturers Could The Industry Support?

    I was in Vegas a few months ago and went to the Insert Coins "Barcade" (after the Heart Attack Grill) to check out their pins. Sadly, the waitress said they ditched them all because they were too costly to maintain. I'm sure drunk Vegas bar hoppers are pretty brutal on pinball machines, but I...
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    GOLDENEYE is mine!!! (It's all your fault SKILL_SHOT)

    That machine looks like a lot of fun. Good luck with it!
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    Christmassy Movies?

    Christmas Vacation. I can't watch any of the repeated ones anymore, especially x-mas story and wonderful life. At this point, I wish the kid would actually shoot out both eyes and George would just jump off the bridge and get it over with already.
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    TZ: Too easy = fail

    True, but like you said, the lamp is a pretty big drain hazard. I usually try and ignore it and get in the wiz mode and try to not win or lose for as long as possible. Even without stacking Harem multiball with the genie battle (VERY hard to do imo), you can rack up major points, but it's a...
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    TZ: Too easy = fail

    Secret to getting to the TotAN wiz mode is always selecting the jewels from the Bazaar Make a Wish. Especially when the ruby is lit--and you only need 7. I think TotAN in general is a lot more forgiving table. Make a bad shot in TZ and you usually get a drain. IMO TotAN is an easier table. But...
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    The Official Latest NEWS And INFORMATION Discussion Thread

    There should be a "hate" button for everything Facebook.
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    Bug Crashed on high score entry

    I made a high score on this table. After the game, I was prompted me to enter my initials, but there wasn't any UI, or it was invisible, making it impossible to enter the high score. After trying and failing to get it to work, I shut down the game, and the high score was erased. Reproducing...
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    New hotness on iOS & Android: Revenge of the Rob-o-Bot

    Speaking of nudging, on my iPhone 4, the table sometimes tilts when I'm flipping the ball off the upper flipper, even though I'm just flipping, not nudging. Great table, I'm just a bit confused about the nudging.
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    Finally.... 2 hours later and 8 billion in change...

    Nice score! you'll need 12 Billion to get 1000 HoF points on that table.
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    The Pin by Stern

    I'd like to see more of this as well. There is at least one company that has tried. I don't know how successful they are with it, but I'd buy one if I had the extra dough.
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    Build a real virtual table?

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely have to check out Timeshock. Looks like Pro Pinball is making a comeback next year.
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    Build a real virtual table?

    If you could make your favorite virtual table into a real table for your game room, which one would you chose? Obviously one that doesn't do anything that can't be re-created in real life (sorry Zen!). My top picks would be: Space Cadet Pinball -- Included in the Windows 95 operating system...
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    Request Suggestion for the Table Difficulty Issues

    I agree, playing super long sessions to beat your score can get tiring. TotAN used to be one of my favorite tables, until I learned of the scoring anomaly. Now getting over 350m by not winning the wizard mode (and not losing) doesn't sound fun. I'm not good enough yet to stack it with Harem...
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    TZ: Too easy = fail

    Thanks for the info Sean. I've only played the iOS version on my iPhone 4, which only allows touch screen control (well, nudging by shaking, but not very effectively IMO). I'll have to get a PS3 eventually and check out TPA with more controls!
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    South Park and Others

    I played the crap out of South Park, mostly because it was in a bar in SF I used to go to for lunch and after work almost every day. While not the best pin in the world, it's not completely terrible, especially if it's the only pin you've got! I'd love to see it in TPA!

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