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  1. Captain B. Zarre

    Table Pack #60 Speculation Thread

    Another awful Gottlieb / Premier table
  2. Captain B. Zarre

    Table Pack #59 Speculation

    :] I also remember the hint for Black Rose that was a picture of the Black Knight next to a roulette with "Always Bet On Black" next to it. That was a really difficult hint :P
  3. Captain B. Zarre

    Table Pack #59 Speculation

    Table confirmed to be Alvin's Garage Band Goes On a World Tour.
  4. Captain B. Zarre

    Bethesda Pinball by Zen

    The yellow bar represents the strength of your attack on an enemy. If you keep it at maximum for too long - or hold the flippers - you will become staggered and the ball will move far slower, but time it just right and you can land a powerful attack. The blue bar represents the total strength of...
  5. Captain B. Zarre

    12 Days 2016

    So basically... Day 1: NOTHING (tournaments always happen at this time) Day 2: NOTHING (the game was announced to release this date beforehand) I'm sure the announcements will get better but they haven't been looking too good so far.
  6. Captain B. Zarre

    Request The Shadow and World Cup Soccer

    Wouldn't mind seeing either of these tables. Especially The Shadow, that table is great.
  7. Captain B. Zarre

    TMNT Data East

    Serious pizza.
  8. Captain B. Zarre

    Table Pack #57 Speculation

    Table hint just got released. It's a picture from American Gladiators. Therefore, the next table is Gladiators. Give this Gottlieb table a shot - it's actually quite fun. One of the best machines they put out.
  9. Captain B. Zarre

    Stern Pinball Arcade Release Dates

    I think the reason for why this is is because Pinball Arcade is the most popular app that they've done, and most people play it for the older machines. Stern tables are fun for some but they aren't popular among the game's fan base. The odd thing is that not even Stern has created videos or...
  10. Captain B. Zarre

    First Impressions

    The water tower is the center shot. The game also calls it the bridge for some reason.
  11. Captain B. Zarre

    Table Pack #56 Speculation

    I'm desperately hoping the hint is just "it's better than bone busters".
  12. Captain B. Zarre

    First Impressions

    Freaking hate it. Not much to say here.
  13. Captain B. Zarre

    New JJP: Dialed In by Pat Lawlor

    Remove the cell phone and rename the machine Quantum City. Or retheme it as a Futurama machine. I like the layout but the theme definitely isn't for me, although some of the things the phone does throughout the game are pretty cool.
  14. Captain B. Zarre

    On my dream project.

    So you're designing a Hatsune Miku pinball table? This could be either interesting or a failure. I'm excited to see how it turns out!
  15. Captain B. Zarre

    Zen Pinball Table Designers

    Update: - A-Force is a Croftinator / Thomas Crofts design - Champions is a Zoltan Vari design
  16. Captain B. Zarre

    Marvel’s Women of Power pack

    So the trailer just released, and people are yelling about how feminist these tables are... Maybe it was a good idea not to look at the comments.
  17. Captain B. Zarre

    Marvel’s Women of Power pack

    So A-Force is a Croftinator / Thomas Crofts design, and we're not sure about Champions yet. I'm placing bets on either Deep or Zoltan Vari, though. And yes, I'm still here :P
  18. Captain B. Zarre

    Farsight Twitchstream Tonight

    Did I miss anything important when they were streaming? All I remember is that they started really late (30 minutes) and they were trying to purposely tilt Medieval Madness for a bonus even though you don't get one.
  19. Captain B. Zarre

    Table Pack #54 Speculation

    Nah, there was that Facebook guy who kept asking for Rescue 911 every time their page updated.
  20. Captain B. Zarre

    Request Hot Shots Gottlieb

    Just watched a video and nah, it looks bad. No flow, targets that can only be made through luck, a pointless multiball, and nonsensical rules. The slow / fast music feature is pretty amusing though. Also, we already have two carnival themed games in TPA - I'm not sure why we need an inferior...

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