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    The Big Lebowski Pinball prototype

    I have been abiding this one since a long time ago! :D
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    Fish Tales - First Impression

    I totally agree. :)
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    Fish Tales - First Impression

    I used to know the real table pretty well as long as the real one is one of my favourite tables ever and I can say: Yes, It definitely is... realistic. I have found that, compared to some other tables released before, in fact the ball has a good sense of weightness, no vacuum effect on the ramps...
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    It's Fish Tales!!!!! (and Season 3 discussion)

    Bought immediately at minute one. :D And it's, of course, the best TPA table ever. Difficult, terrible, kickassing, a true challenge. If you distract yourself for just a millisecond, the ball goes down, between those damn lightning flippers, at the speed of light. This is the way it should...
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    It's Fish Tales!!!!! (and Season 3 discussion)

    Thanks a lot. OMG, maybe eleven days are too many for me. Impatience grows up over and over. I am obviously just jokin'... or maybe not! :D Anyway, the countdown has started!
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    It's Fish Tales!!!!! (and Season 3 discussion)

    I totally agree with mmmagnetic. Anyway has someone any idea about the release date of this table pack? For me is THE table pack, so I definitely can't wait for. Everyday I am looking on Steam hoping that is out! Now my next pinball arcade dream is Addams Family or, at least, Bram Stoker's...
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    Table Pack #21 speculation

    Fish Tales. My favourite table ever. Please!!!
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    It's out! (PC Initial Release Discussion And Feedback)

    Good evening everybody. I have been lurking this forum since many months waiting for the announcement of the pc release (I own the discontinued Xbox 360 version too...). Today for me a little dream come literally true and I must say: this is my most expensive videogames purchase ever, 70 euro in...

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